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Rusty Glover: in his own words

In politics, as in life, it’s crucial to always be honest with yourself and everyone else. That’s why I strive to never make promises I cannot keep, during my campaign to become Alabama’s next lieutenant governor, and in my life as a husband, father, new grandfather and life-long resident of this great state.

I’m writing this letter, in part, to help inform voters about the duties assigned to the lieutenant governor, such as approving or denying tax-payer funded travel for senators and assigning bills to committees. While the lieutenant governor presides over the senate, he or she can typically only cast a vote to break a tie.

It’s important to know what your public servants can and cannot do when determining who will receive your vote. If elected, I won’t take a driver because it’s the right thing to do. With a shortage of State Troopers, we need every officer available to keep our roadways and residents safe.

Since 2017 when I announced my intention to seek the office of lieutenant governor, I have traveled the state, listening to our people, learning what’s important to small business owners and parents, farmers, leaders of industry and everyone in between.

I’m not a millionaire. And while my war chest is modest, it’s a point of pride that ​a substantial amount of my donations have come from individual donors.  I’m truly honored and grateful for the passionate support from so many people all across the state​ who believe in me and the conservative values I stand for.

I have been so encouraged these last few months by the positive responses I receive on the campaign trail. A retired teacher, I spent 25 years helping high school students determine what their futures might look like. It was an awesome responsibility. Pursuing an education, whether in a traditional college setting or through a career tech program, can be transformational to an individual and his or her family. Education has the power to change the course of your life.

As voters, you owe it to yourselves to learn as much as possible about the candidates and make informed choices about who will do the best job leading Alabama forward.

The Republican primary is June 5 in Alabama. Please go to the polls and vote. It’s a challenge I hope everyone will take.


Senator Rusty Glover

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