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Roby defeats Isner to win fifth term

MONTGOMERY, Ala (AP) — Republican Rep. Martha Roby has gone from surviving a primary scare to winning a fifth term in Congress.

The one-time Montgomery City Council member defeated Democratic challenger Tabitha Isner to win the District 2 House race in southeast Alabama.

“I am thankful to voters across Alabama’s Second District for giving me the opportunity to continue advancing the conservative principles we share,” Roby said.

“Each and every day, I wake up and strive to be the best possible representative of our Alabama values in Congress, and I am looking forward to the next two years.”

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The victory comes after Roby was pushed into a runoff with Bobby Bright in the GOP primary. Roby fought through lingering fallout from her criticism of then-candidate Donald Trump over his recorded comments suggesting he sexually assaulted women.

Roby had an easier time during the general election in a district dominated by conservative Republicans. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence helped by endorsing Roby months ago.

The 37-year-old Isner says she sought office because of the Christian ideal of assisting those in need. It was her first run for public office.

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