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Race Ratings: Alabama House

By TODD STACY, Alabama Daily News

Of the 105 seats in the Alabama House of Representatives, there are 50 competitive races. And by competitive, I mean more than one person is running.

Most are either solidly Republican or solidly Democrat, based either on the demographics of the district, the popularity of the incumbent, or a little bit of both.

But that’s not the case for every district! There are plenty of seats up for grabs in the House, and leaders of both parties are making a push to try and pick up seats.

House Speaker Mac McCutcheon and Majority Leader Nathaniel Ledbetter are driving the effort for Republicans. They’ve been focused on both protecting incumbents and winning a few new seats.

Operatives Steve Raby, Scott Stone and Dalton Dismukes are running the House GOP political side, and they sense a good year for Republicans in Alabama despite the Democratic “Blue Wave” nationally.

“Originally, our goal was to protect as many of our incumbents in the primary as we could and then try to retain the House Republican supermajority in the general election,” Stone said.

“In the beginning, nobody expected us to be able to win every single contested seat in the primary. But after we we won all seventeen primaries and special elections, Leader Ledbetter came up with our slogan: Win’em all in the fall. Since then, we’ve been focused on picking up a few Democrat seats, not just protecting the ones we have now.”

Democrats also have some pick-up opportunities and could do well this fall with an influx of new voters. House Democratic Leader Anthony Daniels is looking to add to his caucus, and has a few chances to do that with young, energetic candidates in districts where Doug Jones performed well this past December.

I made a chart rating each of the competitive seats on a scale of Solid Republican, Leans Republican, Toss-Up, Leans Democrat, Solid Democrat.

Thank you to everyone who contributed information in helping me develop these ratings.

See something off? Did I get it wrong? Shoot me a note and tell me if there is information I need to know that would swing a race into a different column.

HDRepublicanDemocratThird PartyADN Rating
1Rep. Phillip PettusBobby James DolanToss Up
2Rep. Lynn GreerLora MorrowLeans Republican
3Andrew SorrellChad YoungToss Up
4Parker MooreJoanne CummingsPete WillisSolid Republican
5Rep. Danny CrawfordBrian WilliamsSolid Republican
7Proncey RobertsonKenneth BrackinsLeans Republican
8Rep. Terri CollinsBilly JacksonLeans Republican
10Rep. Mike BallJB KingElijah BoydLeans Republican
15Rep. Allen FarleySuzanna ColemanSolid Republican
18Jamie KielEddie BrittonSolid Republican
20Rep. Howard SanderfordLinda MeigsSolid Republican
21Rep. Rex ReynoldsTerry JonesLeans Republican
27Wes KitchensBill JonesSolid Republican
28Gil IsbellKyle PierceToss-Up
29Rep. Becky NordgrenJared MillicanSolid Republican
30Craig LipscombJared VaughnSolid Republican
32James Allen LloydRep. Barbara BoydSolid Democrat
33Rep. Ron JohnsonScott BrewerSolid Republican
36Rep. Randy WoodNicki Arnold-SwindleSolid Republican
37Bob FincherCharlotte Clark-FriesonSolid Republican
38Debbie WoodBrian McGeeLeans Republican
40Rep. KL BrownPamela HowardSolid Republican
41Rep. Corley EllisEmily MarcumSolid Republican
43Rep. Arnold MooneyCarin MayoSolid Republican
45Rep. Dickie DrakeJenn GraySolid Republican
46Rep. David FaulknerFelicia StewartLeans Republican
47David WheelerJim ToomeySolid Republican
48Rep. Jim CarnsAlli SummerfordSolid Republican
51Rep. Allen TreadwayVeronica JohnsonSolid Republican
61Rodney SullivanTommy HycheSolid Republican
62Rep. Rich WingoWill BentonSolid Republican
64Rep. Harry ShiverAmber Selman-LynnSolid Republican
65Brett EasterbrookRep. Elaine BeechToss Up
66Rep. Alan BakerSusan SmithSolid Republican
73Rep. Matt FridyJack JacobsSolid Republican
74Rep. Dimitri PolizosRayford MackLeans Republican
79Rep. Joe LovvornMary Wynne KlingToss-Up
80Rep. Chris BlackshearChristopher Apostle DavisSolid Republican
81Ed OliverJeremy JeffcoatSolid Republican
83Michael HoldenJeremy GraySolid Democrat
85Ron WilsonRep. Dexter GrimsleySolid Democrat
86Rep. Paul LeeKristy KirklandSolid Republican
88Will DismukesCory CreelSolid Republican
89Wes AllenJoel WilliamsToss-Up
90Rep. Chris SellsJoanne WhetstoneSolid Republican
94Rep. Joe FaustDanielle Mashburn-MyrickLeans Republican
96Matt SimpsonMaurice HorseyMatt ShelbySolid Republican
97Stephen McNairRep. Adline ClarkLeans Democrat
99Charles TalbertSam JonesSolid Democrat
104Rep. Margie WilcoxArlene EasleySolid Republican

Allen, Williams vie for State House in District 89

Clarke and McNair vie for House District 97

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Faulkner and Stewart vie for House District 46

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Beech and Easterbrook vie for House District 65 seat

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