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Perry Hooper: Stop talking and get to work


Democrats have proven that they will do just about anything to obstruct President Trump’s agenda in order to win in 2020, no matter how dire the consequences are for the country. It also does not matter to them that the Mueller Report was a complete and total exoneration of the President and his campaign. They still waste valuable time yelling collusion and obstruction. The will of the American people for the Trump Agenda is of little consequence to the Democrats and their willing allies in the liberal media.

As House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated “Democrats are in a tailspin, and their ‘leadership’ is out to lunch. They have achieved practically nothing since taking over the House, and their obsession with impeaching this president is paralyzing any progress we could be making as the United States.” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer even admits “The debate over whether to impeach Trump dominates all discussion within the House Democratic Caucus”, not the important work that needs to be done for the Country.

The American people want action on the real issues facing this country. While Americans scream for border security where now 1,000 illegals are showing up every day demanding asylum; House Democrats give us the so-called American Dream and Promise Act.  The Act makes millions of illegal immigrants eligible for amnesty, far exceeding the roughly 750,000 so-called dreamers. This bill also provides a pathway to citizenship for illegals that is unavailable to legal immigrants. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated the cost of this bill to be $34.6 billion in the first year alone. Democrats have no way to pay for this. The bill calls for zero enforcement, it does not include a dime for border security or ICE. It does not close loopholes or reform asylum laws. It provides a path to citizenship for violent criminals and gang members. What a disgraceful bill, but it passed the house with blessing of the House leadership. Democrats have demonstrated where their priorities are: Making sure that people who break our immigration laws – including those with criminal records – are rewarded. The American people want the wall built no ifs ands or buts.   We must close the loop holes that allow illegal immigrants to demand asylum and be released into the US, where 90 percent do not to show up for their asylum hearings.

Alabama and America are in dire need of a National Infrastructure Bill. President Trump has been working since day one to develop a strong national Infrastructure plan. Just an hour before the all-important meeting to begin the infrastructure discussion, Nancy Pelosi accused the president of a crime, and engaging in a coverup. This of course occurred after the release of the Mueller Report.  She then shows up and pretends like nothing’s happened and let’s just sit down and talk about roads and bridges. That’s not how you negotiate in good faith and she knows it.

Poll after poll shows the American people want more control over their health care.  House Democrats however have introduced legislation to restore the government mandate to buy the policy that they have designed for you. They are also planning to hold hearings on the complete government takeover of the health care system the 34 trillion-dollar so-called Medicare-for-all boondoggle.

While the president was at Omaha Beach with other world leaders commerating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and the Normandy Invasion where 9,300 brave Americans died for our freedom, Speaker Pelosi’s was back home publicly calling for the President to go to prison. What an embarrassment.

Speaker Pelosi, stop talking! Get Your House in Order! Get to Work!  America is tired of silly partisan political games. It is time for you to Put America First.

Perry Hooper is a former State Representative from Montgomery who serves on the Alabama Republican Party Executive Committee. In 2016 he chaired Alabama’s Trump Victory campaign. 

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