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Letter to the Editor: People’s Republic of China in U.S. School Systems

By Eagle Forum of Alabama

Most Americans have never heard of Confucius Institutes; most Americans do not know what Confucius Institutes are. They sound innocent enough. At first glance, one might think Confucius Institutes promote the education of ancient Chinese philosophy or Chinese culture. However, Confucius Institutes have a much more sinister purpose. Found in college campuses all across our country, Confucius Institutes are funded largely of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. They are part of the propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party and seek to influence young Americans by normalizing the policies of the Chinese Communist Party. 

Now we have learned that K-12 students may also be subjected to Confucius Classrooms. We are proud to see that our State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Eric Mackey, authored a letter to the City and County Superintendents all across Alabama, encouraging the end of these classes at the end of the current semester. It is a necessary first step in protecting Alabama’s students from undue foreign influence in our academic arena.

Dr. Mackey conveyed letters from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos explaining the threat these programs pose to our Republic.  Not surprisingly, they have a socialist/communist slant which denies unspeakable human rights abuses in the mass internment camps of the Xinjiang region and the indentured servitude of its population shipped all over China.  Their instructors are normally funded and vetted by communist China.  We also commend other leaders in Alabama such as Congressman Mo Brooks and Representative Tommy Hanes for taking a stand to protect Alabama students from government interference in academia. 


Derek Chen, President

Eagle Forum of Alabama Young Professionals


Eunie Smith, President

Eagle Forum of Alabama


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