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Jim, not Jo Bonner runs for PSC

A guy named Jim Bonner is running for the Public Service Commission.

That sounds a lot like Jo Bonner, the popular former congressman from Mobile.

According to Cygnal’s Brent Buchanan, Jim Bonner is polling pretty well and has a chance to knock off incumbent commissioner Jeremy Oden.

(In case you’re reading, Fob Riley and Darnold Trump, now is your shot! Sorry, Rupert Bentley, you might want to sit the next few plays out.)

It’s not just the mistaken identity that makes this story interesting, though. Bonner apparently has some serious baggage that would doom most any other candidate.

The flayed man has no secrets, so Josh Moon and Bill Britt have seen to that.

But it’s radio that really brings the personality out in people. So if you really want to hear something special, listen to Jim Bonner’s interview with Scott Beason here:

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