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Fundraising report: Senate Majority

Of the 25 Republicans in the Alabama State Senate, nine are not running for reelection. These “open seats” create interesting opportunities for ambitious newcomers because running for an open seat is much a more manageable feat than challenging an incumbent.

Here’s a brief rundown of the current cash on hand numbers for the nine open seat races on the Republican side.

Senate District 2 (Incumbent Bill Holtzclaw retiring)

Tom Butler (R) – $44,640

Steve Smith (R) – $1,085.56

Amy Wasyluka (D) – $7,081.60

Michael L. Smith (D)- $1,074.86

Notes: Tom Butler certainly seems to have the advantage to winning back his old seat. Democrats are engaged and putting in an effort, but it will be hard to turn this district blue.

Senate District 7 (Paul Sanford retiring)

Mary Scott Hunter (R) – $227,045

Sam Givhan (R) – $127,892

Johnathan Hard (D) – $4,367.15

Deborah Barros (D) – N/A

This is a red hot Senate race. Many congressional candidates would like to have Mary Scott Hunter’s impressive $227K.

Senate District 10 (Phil Williams retiring)

Mack N. Butler (R) – $140,757

Andrew Jones (R) – $3,472.56

Craig Ford (I) N/A

This will be a race to watch. Rep. Craig Ford has doffed the Democratic label and announced he will run as an independent. He’ll have a challenge on his hands as his fellow Rep. Mack Butler who has a good amount of cash on hand.

Senate District 13 (Gerald Dial running for Ag Commissioner)

Randy Price (R) – $64,041

Mike Sparks (R) – $18,840

Tim Sprayberry (R) – $5,110.81

Darrell Turner (D) – N/A

Senate District 5 (Slade Blackwell running for governor retiring)

Miranda Carter (R) – N/A

Dan Roberts (R) – N/A

Laura Casey (D) – N/A

No wonder there aren’t any fundraising numbers. Nobody expected Slade Blackwell to run for governor and then back out 72 hours later. Will his assistant Miranda Carter be able to tap into the Blackwell bankroll? Will she even stay in the race after all this mess?

Senate District 25 (Dick Brewbaker retiring)

Will Barfoot (R) – $73,561.59

Ronda Walker (R) – $37,543.88

David A. Sadler (D)N/A

Frank Snowden (D)N/A

I think this will be one of the most fascinating races to watch. Will Barfoot leads the cash race from what appears to be personal money rather than fundraising. Montgomery County Commissioner Ronda Walker has scratched together half that amount but is running hard. Most expected more candidates in this GOP primary.

Senate District 32 (Trip Pittman retiring)

Jeff Boyd (R) – $38,315.39

Chris Elliott (R) – $44,662.63

David Northcutt (R) – $215,089.91

Bill Roberts (R) – $68,411.41

Senate District 34 (Rusty Glover running for Lt. Governor)

Mark Shirey (R) – $8,773.44

Jack Williams (R) – $190,942.26

Senate District 35 (Bill Hightower running for Governor)

David Sessions (R) – $133,124.09

Tom Holmes (D) – $4,897.26

This list will be updated and added to moving forward.

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