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For ADN Insiders: Polling cross tabs

By TODD STACY, Alabama Daily News 

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – To give you something to chew on this Election Day, we are providing ADN Insiders with full access to the cross tabs of our lates ADN/ Gray Television poll conducted by Cygnal.

As a reminder here are the toplines:

ADN Gray Cygnal-AL-Toplines May 18

A few things to note from the cross tabs starting with the Senate race…

When broken down by geography, Mo Brooks is winning his home area of North Alabama, the Birmingham market is highly competitive, and Katie Britt is winning the Montgomery, Mobile and Auburn/Columbus markets decisively.

Relatedly, the survey looked at community type – urban, suburban and rural. It’s pretty competitive, but Britt holds the biggest advantages with rural and urban voters. Durant’s lackluster polling with suburban voters at 21.4% is significant to note.


In the last poll, Britt had been leading among female voters. That has shifted to Brooks, and may be a big part of his resurgence in the last month or so. Britt does hole a significant advantage with men voters.

And looking at age, Britt’s biggest advantage is among voters under the age of 55. But, she has a five point lead over Brooks with the 55-69 contingent. Brooks leads decisively with voters 70 and over.


Now, looking to the Governor’s race…

Gov. Kay Ivey leads in all media markets, but her biggest advantages are south of Birmingham with big leads in Montgomery, Mobile and Dothan. Being above 50% in Huntsville could be helpful to Ivey in a runoff.

Looking at community type, again Ivey leads in all categories, but her advantage is most pronounced among those who live in cities.


Breaking it down by age, Ivey’s biggest strength is with older voters as a full 53.2% of those 70+ support her.



And here’s a link to download the full cross tabs:

ADN Gray Cygnal May 16 crosstabs


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