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Daily News Digest – October 2, 2018


Good morning! Happy Birthday, Mom! Here’s your Daily News for Tuesday, October 2.

1. McConnell: We’ll be voting this week.

2. State opens data security center.

  • Gov. Kay Ivey, the Alabama National Guard, and the Office of Information Technology opened the state’s first digital Security operations center Monday.
  • Cyber security is a big deal for state government, from protecting elections to safeguarding personal financial information.
  • There are as many as 100 million attempted hacks on state networks everyday.
  • The idea is to stay ahead of the “bad guys” who try to access data from foreign countries, Chief Information Security Officer Ryan Allen said.
  • Read and watch the full story from WSFA/Raycom political reporter Lydia Nusbaum HERE.
A message from the Alabama Wholesale Beer Association

  • Congratulations to Michael Schilleci on being elected Chairman of the National Beer Wholesalers Association!
  • He owns & operates Supreme Beverage Company, which provides domestic, imported, and craft beer and other beverage products to the entire North Alabama region.
  • Beer Distributors from around the nation recently gathered in San Diego to elect new leadership. Schilleci becomes the first member from Alabama to serve as National Chairman.
  • The Alabama Wholesaler Beer Association is proud of Michael and his representation of our state.
  • Alabama’s beer distributors employ more than 4,000 hardworking people. We promote responsible consumption, combat drunk driving, and work to eliminate underage drinking.
  • Learn more about Michael Schilleci and the ABWA HERE.

3. Death Row Decision.

  • Later today, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case of Vernon Madison, an Alabama man who was sentenced to death for murdering a police officer in 1985.
  • Madison’s lawyers say he doesn’t remember his crime because a stroke years ago damaged his mental faculties.
  • Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative argues that executing Madison is a violation of the Eighth Amendment because he “does not remember the crime for which he has been convicted and does not have a rational understanding of why the state of Alabama seeks to execute him.”
  • Attorney General Steve Marshall points out that a state court has found Madison competent and that the Eighth Amendment doesn’t prohibit executions for lack of memory.
  • “It’s not that he has to have a perfect memory. The question is whether he understands the crime that he committed as well as understands why he’s being punished. I think it’s pretty clear on both fronts that he does,” Marshall says.
  • This is going to be a national story by the end of the day. Read the full report from Kim Chandler HERE.

4. New Ivey ad gets nostalgic.

  • “That’s as close as I’ll ever get.”
  • Those are the words scribbled onto the back of a photograph of Kay Ivey sitting in Gov. Lurleen Wallace’s chair. She was 23 years old and on the staff of Girls State.
  • Of course, she turned out to be wrong. She now has the top job and is running to become just the second woman to be elected to hold it.
  • Ivey’s new ad highlights this nostalgic moment and connects it with a hopeful message of “anything is possible in Alabama.”
  • Watch the ad for yourself HERE.

5. News Briefs.

Trump combative with media
  • During yesterday’s Rose Garden news conference on NAFTA, President Trump was in an especially combative mood with the media.
  • He meanly and awkwardly told ABC’s Cecilia Vega “I know you’re not thinking. You never do.”
  • Later he told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins “Don’t do that. That’s not nice,” for asking a question about the Kavanaugh nomination. He then said “you’ve had enough” when she tried to follow up.
  • Many Trump supporters LOVE how tough he is on reporters, which is why I think he does it.
  • It’s still unwise and unseemly to be so dismissive and combative with female reporters, especially at a time when women will be the decisive factor in the midterm elections.
Amazon raising wages
  • Amazon is raising its minimum wage for employees to $15 an hour.
  • The wage hike is expected to impact 350,000 workers, which includes full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal positions.
  • It just so happens that today Amazon is breaking ground on a 1,500 worker fulfillment center in Birmingham. They currently operate a sort center in Mobile.
  • The wage hike also includes Whole Foods employees, which is great because I hear that Whole Foods in Navy Yard / Capitol South finally going to open after at least three years of devastating false hope.
Quite a milestone
  • Loren Dyson of Ozark turned 105 this week.
  • That’s a lot of life to see!
  • Dyson celebrated with family and told WTVY “I feel good.”
  • Get that lady some cake.


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