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Daily News Digest – May 7, 2018

Good morning! Here’s your Daily News for Monday, May 7.

1. Lights, camera, action: Updated ad rundown. 

  • If last week’s polling showed us anything, it’s that most of the candidates for statewide office have some work to do in raising their visibility amongst the electorate.
  • For better or worse, the most effective way to do that is through television advertising.
  • With less than a month to go until the June 5 primary elections, it’s go time if you want your TV ad campaign to penetrate.
  • I’ve updated my rundown of TV ads from all the major candidates HERE.
  • New additions include ads from all four AG candidates (Alice Martin, Chess Bedsole, Troy King & Steve Marshall), and Lt. Gov candidate Rusty Glover. Plus, I’ve taken the existing ads and embedded them all in one place so it is easy to compare.
  • Don’t see your ad? I probably haven’t received it! Shoot me an email at [email protected] with a YouTube link and some information about your ad buy.
  • I’ll also be creating a new rundown for State Senate and House races this week, so please send me those ads as well!

2. Alice Martin’s Bentley interview problem gets worse. 

  • AP’s Kim Chandler obtained emails showing that Alice Martinsought the Attorney General appointment from former Gov. Robert Bentley even before Luther Strange vacated the post. That story HERE.
  • Why is that news? A few reasons…
  • First, Martin has repeatedly downplayed her interest in the Bentley appointment saying it wasn’t really an interview, etc. The issue came to a head last month on the “Matt & Aunie” radio show when the hosts confronted Martin about her past statements on air. Chandler’s reporting only makes that severely awkward interview sound worse.
  • Second, Martin now has conflicting versions of when she was and wasn’t leading the investigation of Bentley.
  • Her statement to Chandler says she “played no active role” in investigating Bentley after seeking the appointment. That would mean January 26, 2017, the day she sent an email asking for an interview.
  • But Martin has previously talked a lot about leading the investigation far past that. She spoke at length about it on her first Murphy show appearance. Then, she told a GOP crowd in Butler County, “I never asked for anything from Robert Bentley on an appointment. By law, just as Kay Ivey became your governor, when Bentley appointed Strange to the Senate, I by law became your acting Attorney General. But, it only lasted about 36 hours because I was leading the Bentley investigation.”
  • And when Matt Murphy asked Martin about the propriety of her asking Bentley for an appointment while investigating him, she said if it was okay for Strange it was okay for her. Not that she was no longer leading the investigation, just that it was ethically passable.
  • So once again, Martin is in conflict with the public record and her past statements.
  • I don’t get it. This is such an unforced error.
  • Why play down interest in the Bentley appointment when there are records showing otherwise?
  • Why play up leadership of the Bentley investigation only to later say you played no active role?
  • This sticky issue just became a lot stickier, I’m afraid.


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3. Supreme Court: Montgomery school sale can go forward.

  • The Alabama Supreme Court has cleared the way for the state to sell a Montgomery county school as part of its turnaround plan for the state’s most troubled system.
  • Members of the Montgomery Board of Education and the Alabama Education Association sued to stop the sale of Georgia Washington Middle School.
  • Last month, Interim State Superintendent Ed Richardson said those “delaying tactics” would force the state to cut as many as 200 teachers jobs and layoff 400 support personnel.
  • The ruling would seem to allow Richardson’s turnaround plan to go forward.
  • It also could portend how the Court is likely to rule on AEA’s suit to block Montgomery’s first public charter school.
  • LEAD Academy has sought the same expedited ruling from the court, so it’s possible a ruling could be coming sooner rather than later.
  • Read more from AP HERE.
  • Read Andrew Yawn’s report for the Montgomery Advertiser HERE.
  • ALSO Read new State Superintendent Eric Mackey’s Q&A sesh with the Advertiser HERE.

4. Big week for Trump Admin on international front. 

The Trump Administration faces important tests internationally this week.

That’s a lot of plates to be spinning at once. Good thing Secretary of State Pompeo was confirmed.

Also, if he needs any help, there’s always Rudy Giuliani.

5. One fun thing: the two Jason Isbells.

  • My friend and well-travelled Alabama politico Jason Isbell made a Facebook post the other night about going to see his namesake in concert. Political Jason Isbell is something of a singer, too, so there’s a more than one connection, you see.
  • It helps to have friends – or friends of friends – in high places. My friend Taylor Hill, who is a photographer in New York, saw the post and shared it with the tour manager, who invited political Jason Isbell back stage to meet rock star Jason Isbell.
  • “We straight up talked about pronouncing our name and genealogy more than anything. I told him I was glad he’s holding up the namesake so well. It can’t be a easy for the not so famous Harvey Weisteins of the world after all. He cracked up.”
  • I thought it was pretty cool. Read Izzy’s facebook post HERE.


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