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Daily News Digest – December 3, 2018

PRESENTED BY the Stop The HIT Coalition

Good morning! Here’s your Daily News for Monday, December 3.

1. More tributes pour in for Bush.

  • Innate decency, generosity and kindness. Those are some of the common themes in the outpouring of tributes and memories for George H.W. Bush, as the nation continues to mourn the late president.
  • This morning his casket is being flown to Washington on Air Force One (officially Special Air Mission 41) for observances in the nation’s capital.
  • President Bush will lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda beginning today and through Wednesday, where mourners can walk through and pay their respects.
  • President Trump has ordered the federal government closed Wednesday for a national day of mourning.
  • Read more about the schedule of observances and funeral arrangements HERE.
  • In case you missed it, read this collection of reactions, tributes and memories from Alabama leaders and those with special connections to President Bush HERE.
  • I enjoyed Maureen Dowd’s piece about the unique love-hate relationship she had with the former president.
  • I also loved this 1979 Face the Nation appearance in which Bush addressed questions about his toughness and was basically asked to call Ronald Reagan names.
  • Also, make sure to check out Matthew Stokes’ column below.
  • What are some of the better tributes and memories you’ve seen? I’d be interested to know so I can share them with ADN readers.


2. Pardons & Paroles: Ivey, Marshall not satisfied with plan.

  • This was actually important news on Friday but got overshadowed a bit by other breaking stories.
  • Gov. Kay Ivey and Attorney General Steve Marshall are dissatisfied with the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles’ improvement plan.
  • You may remember the Board submitted a plan for improvement at the request of Ivey & Marshall after issues over early paroles and errant victim notifications came to a head in October.
  • Ivey put a 75-day moratorium on early paroles, changed the Board’s leadership, and asked the agency to develop a “corrective action plan.”
  • But Ivey and Marshall say that plan has “too many unanswered questions” about how the board will make good on its promises.
  • “We recognize answering many of these questions will be difficult. But the people of this state deserve answers to them. How you respond — both in word and in deed — will undoubtedly determine the next steps we take as a state in this vital area.”
  • A handful of lawmakers have told me they expect the ongoing drama at Pardons and Paroles could spill over into the legislative session.
  • Read that full story and the letter from Ivey and Marshall itself HERE.


A Message from the  Stop The HIT Coalition

  • The Stop The HIT Coalition thanks Senator Doug Jones for protecting Alabama small businesses, middle-class families and seniors from the 2020 Health Insurance Tax.
  • This costly, unfair and hidden tax increases the cost of health insurance in the small business market, needlessly stifles economic growth and should be repealed.
  • Senator Jones joined a bipartisan group in urging Senate leadership to prioritize urgent cost savings for hardworking Alabamians before the tax returns.
  • Thank Senator Jones for working for Alabama small businesses and families by supporting efforts to stop the 2020 Health Insurance Tax.


3. Everybody seems to like this U.S. – China detente.

  • The 90-day “ceasefire” in the U.S.-Chinese trade war is expected to benefit the American economy through the end of the year and beyond.
  • It should also bode well for Alabama, especially considering the agreement included a commitment for the Chinese to buy a “very substantial amount of agriculture, energy, and industrial products.
  • Let’s hope that means soybeans, peanuts, and ag bi-products.
  • Our issues with China have not been resolved. Their reputation for steel dumping and intellectual theft remain. Still, some see reason for optimism.
  • “The prospects for real progress on substantive issues with China are now better than at any point in the Trump administration,” said Andy Rothman, investment strategist at Matthews Asia.
  • President Trump himself seems pumped, tweeting about how “very good things will happen” this morning.
  • Many think President Trump will take a modest “win” on China, something substantial enough to call back tariffs and move on to using strategic partnerships to force the Chinese to act right.
  • Sounds a lot like that whole TPP thing.
  • Read more HERE.


4. The French, they’ve taken to the streets.

  • For the third straight week, protestors known as Gilets Jaunes – or Yellow Jackets – are rioting in France.
  • The demonstrations have escalated each week reaching a pretty dangerous level over the weekend, with 133 people injured, including 23 police officers, and more than 100 vehicles torched. And, get this, the rioters are constructing makeshift barricades. BARRICADES.
  • What are they protesting? French President Emanuel Macron’s plan to raise taxes on fossil fuels in order to reduce pollution, curb emissions, and meet carbon footprint goals of the Paris Accord.
  • The”yellow jackets” donned by protesters are required for motorists when changing a tire or whatnot. The jacket uniform represents commuters from the countryside or suburbs who rely on diesel-powered cars to get to work or as other forms of carbon-based energy like natural gas to heat their homes.
  • It’s a test for Macron, specifically, and more generally for how the policies resulting from the Paris Accord are received by real people all over the world.
  • President Trump has said the United States will not adhere to the commitments made by President Obama in the Paris Accord.
  • Read the basic story on the riots from AP HERE.
  • Read a more in-depth piece on how people are reacting to Macron’s carbon push HERE.
  • Or read an even deeper dive into the grievances of the French from The Daily Beast HERE and a more human-driven one from the New York Times HERE.

5. Matthew Stokes: A great country elected George H. W Bush.

  • In putting down his thoughts about the passing of George H.W. Bush, ADN Columnist Matthew Stokes discovers there are deeper lessons within the frequent recollections of decency and heroism.
  • In our current age that castigates elites, we can forget the good that used to come from elites like the Bushes and Kennedys recognizing their responsibility to serve and to lead.
  • I really enjoyed his column today.
  • Here’s an excerpt:
“Men like Bush, or, for that matter, women like his wife, Barbara, are not accidents. While some people are predisposed to kindness or good manners, the truth is that character must be cultivated. I fear that we have taken for granted so much of what made men and women like this great. In our rush to be comfortable and free of judgment, we overlook that the structures and guide rails of manner and custom help shape our moral imagination… 
“The truth is that good and decent societies – and the good, decent, and virtuous politics that flow from them – are not accidents, but are instead the results of countless men and women who understand that the blessings of this life demand from them a responsibility to serve others and treat them with decency.”
  • Read Matthew’s full column HERE.

News Briefs.

Bellefonte brouhaha
  • The developer trying to buy an unfinished nuclear power plant in Alabama has sued the Tennessee Valley Authority, accusing the federal utility of illegally blocking the sale.
  • Attorneys for developer Franklin L. Haney accused TVA on Friday of breach of contract for not completing a previously agreed to sale of the Bellefonte nuclear plant. Haney submitted the winning $111 million purchase offer in a 2016 auction and was scheduled to close the sale Friday.
  • TVA said the sale could not be completed because Haney had not gained approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to transfer the construction permits for Bellefonte from TVA.
  • But in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Huntsville, Alabama, Haney’s attorneys argued that TVA’s application of the Atomic Energy Act to the Bellefonte sale “is erroneous.”
  • Read more HERE.
Enrollment down
  • Student enrollment in Alabama public schools is down for the fifth straight year.
  • Overall there are almost 20,000 fewer students enrolled now than there were in 2010 when the school population peaked.
  • Hispanic student enrollment is growing, though.
  • That’s the story from’s Trish Crain, who dived into state department numbers for an in-depth look at student enrollment trends. Her story is worth a read this morning.
Lessons to learn?
  • It’s no secret House Republicans took it on the chin this year. Losing 40 seats would be bad in any election, but the way the GOP saw erosion from the once-solid suburbs was especially jarring.
  • To win back the majority, Republicans will have to win back many of those very same seats. But will they change the rhetoric and policy focus that voters objected to?
  • They haven’t yet, observes Jonathan Martin of the New York Times. His piece is worth a read for those following Congress and thinking ahead.
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