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Daily News Digest – August 30, 2018

Good morning! Here’s your Daily News for Thursday, August 30.

1. Economy is on the rise.





  • The American economy is still going gangbusters. Now even more than people thought.
  • It grew at 4.2 percent rate in the 2nd quarter (April-June), which is the best single quarter in four years.
  • It is also the strongest year-long growth in over ten years.
  • What’s going on? Consumers are spending money again. But more than that, businesses are making big time investments in hires and capital.
  • It isn’t slowing down, either. Consumer confidence is at it’s highest point in 18 years. That measures people’s perception that they’ll be able to get/keep a job and buy a big ticket item like a car.
  • President Donald Trump predicted this would happen, and all manner of economists predicted he was crazy.
  • So, I suppose the president is due a few spike-the-football tweets.

2. Let’s talk about P.E.





  • Dodge ball. Kick ball. Duck-Duck-Goose. Red Rover.
  • What was grade school without these games?
  • Parents around the state are getting highly upset about a supposed Department of Education memo suggesting schools ban these activities during Physical Education class.
  • Why ban them? Because they are mean and bad and competitive and single kids out and all the other whiny excuses that are turning future generations into puny little crybabies.
  • State Superintendent of Schools Eric Mackey says he discovered the memo yesterday after it went viral on social media and had it taken down.
  • Mackey told school leaders gathered in Montgomery that as far as he is concerned the directive no longer exists and said they should ignore it.
  • “It is completely up to you which games you play. There is no directive about which games you can and cannot play… Go back, tell your principals to take care of their own P.E. problems, please!”
  • Welcome to the education bureaucracy, Dr. Mackey!
  • Read more from Andrew Yawn HERE, Trisha Crain HERE, and watch Dr. Mackey’s interview with Reshad Hudson HERE.

3. No schools participating in “Sentry” program yet.





  • Most of the talk at this week’s major school safety roundtable focused on mental health offerings.
  • That’s not surprising.
  • But maybe a little surprising was the fact that proposals to arm educators to respond to violent threats weren’t discussed much, if at all.
  • Why is that surprising? Because arming educators was ALL we could talk about around here in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting.
  • Gov. Kay Ivey put a lot of that debate to rest when she instituted the “Sentry” program that would allow districts without a School Resource Officer to be trained by law enforcement and armed on campus.
  • However, no school is taking advantage of the program so far. The state has not had any applicants for the Sentry program.
  • That news nugget plus how much it would cost to fund officers in all schools in a new story from ADN’s Caroline Beck.

4. Fed & state cooperation on broadband.





  • There will be more state and federal resources to help build up access to broadband internet in rural Alabama.
  • Congressman Robert Aderholt yesterday announced that more than $600 million is going in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s budget to help states fund broadband expansion projects.
  • He was with Gov. Kay Ivey, Speaker Mac McCutcheon, State Sen. Clay Scofield, USDA Assistant Secretary Anne Hazlett and a host of local officials and corporate leaders for a roundtable on broadband Wednesday.
  • The Alabama Legislature this year passed a bill that will help the state be able to leverage those federal dollars. It was championed by Scofield and State Rep. Donnie Chesteen.
  • Aderholt, who chairs Ag Appropriations in the House, called this year’s funding a first step.
  • “Securing $600 million for rural broadband wasn’t the end of our mission, but just the beginning,” he said.
  • Read more from Rocket City News HERE and watch the story from WHNT HERE.

5. Headlines.

ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – No schools participating in ‘Sentry’ program yet.
ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Ivey reports large campaign contributions.
ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – US consumer confidence rises to 18-year high.
ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – US economy grew at a brisk 4.2 pct. annual rate last quarter.
ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Charges possible after sea turtle nest in Alabama disturbed.
ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Veterans affairs secretary vows not to privatize agency.
ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Trump warns of ‘violence’ if Democrats win midterm elections.
ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Top White House lawyer is leaving this fall.
MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – ‘A huge loss’: Historian Mary Ann Neeley dies at 85.
MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – Alabama recommends cutting kickball, tag from schools? Why an ‘old’ document is getting new interest.
MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – Montgomery doctor indicted on drug distribution charges.
DOTHAN EAGLE – Turner found guilty of felony murder, could be eligible for parole.
MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – Amid bus driver shortage, MPS tries to steer toward solutions.
YELLOWHAMMER NEWS – Americans for Prosperity warns Doug Jones is siding with Chuck Schumer not you.
YELLOWHAMMER NEWS – Candace Owens rips into UNA’s Black Lives Matter speaker Shaun King.
DECATUR DAILY – Yes, we want growth in our backyard.
DECATUR DAILY – Score one for the sunfish in Mazda Toyota skirmish.
TIMES DAILY – Educators: Tax vote was a warning to us all.
GADSDEN TIMES – Gadsden city election results.
GADSDEN TIMES – Clarify, but don’t weaken Alabama’s Ethics Law.
ANNISTON STAR – Contributor Marsha Raulerson: Medicaid expansion to adults in Alabama — why wait any longer?
OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS – Editor Troy Turner: End the Trump-Sessions saga; it’s doing no one any good.
AL.COM – Alabama contractors expect difficulty finding workers, survey says.
AL.COM – Trade Commission reversal on paper tariffs cheered.
AL.COM – 13-year-old girl charged with threatening via social media to send bombs to several schools.
AL.COM – Alabama schools superintendent on PE guidelines: ‘It’s up to you which games you play’.
AL.COM – Columnist Kyle Whitmire: Mike Hubbard — still not in prison.
AL.COM – Dual school system, need for better option led to Sumter County’s charter school.
AL.COM – Fairfield steelworkers plan to march for fair contracts.
AL.COM – ‘Never Trump’ Sen. Jeff Flake says Doug Jones last candidate he backed.
WASHINGTON POST – ‘Winter is coming’: Allies fear Trump isn’t prepared for gathering legal storm.
WASHINGTON POST – Trump firing Jeff Sessions looks more likely than ever. Here’s the storm that awaits.
WASHINGTON POST – U.S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question.
WASHINGTON POST – Education Department considers greater rights for students accused of sexual assault, officials say.
NEW YORK TIMES – Canada, U.S. express optimism toward a new NAFA deal.
NEW YORK TIMES – Democratic Embrace of Diverse Candidates Collides With Barbed Politics of Trump Era


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