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Coleman launches new ad blitz in AL-2

By TODD STACY, Alabama Daily News

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Congressional candidate Jeff Coleman is up with a new ad blitz in the race for Alabama’s 2nd District, this time showcasing his hardline stance against illegal immigration.

In the ad, the Dothan businessman tells voters he wants to “help President Trump end illegal immigration and finally build that wall.”

Coleman, who owns and operates a large moving company, suggests his trucks could be used to deport those illegally in the U.S. back across the southern border.

“Drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists who commit crimes get to stay here?” Coleman asks.  “How can we get them back across the border? Well, I’m in the moving business,” he says as Coleman Worldwide moving trucks roll behind him.

Watch the full ad here:

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The new ad will run on broadcast and cable television, as well as radio stations in the Montgomery and Dothan markets. According to the campaign, the buy totals $98,000 over two weeks, including $11,000 directed toward digital platforms.

This is the Coleman campaign’s third advertisement of the race. The first focused on the candidate’s business bonafides and the second highlighted his Christian faith.

Such a significant and sustained ad blitz demonstrates Coleman’s district financial advantage in the race to replace outgoing Congressman Martha Roby, R-Montgomery. Coleman amassed almost $1 million in 3rd quarter fundraising last year, half raised from donors and half self contributed. Campaign finance reports for the 4th quarter are not yet due.

Other candidates running for the 2nd District include former Attorney General Troy King, former Enterprise State Rep. Barry Moore and Prattville businesswoman Jessica Taylor.

Asked by Alabama Daily News why the shift in focus to the issue of immigration, Campaign Manager Dalton Dismukes said they deducted that voters support Trump’s actions and believe Democrats’ views are “radical.”

“After hearing from voters around the district, Jeff is committed to sharing his views about immigration in this first ad of 2020. He has heard their justified concerns about the Democrats’ radical open borders proposals that will make our country unsafe, and he plans to go to Washington to support President Trump in securing our border,” Dismukes said.


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