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Byrne ramps up attacks on opponents as March 3 primary approaches

By TODD STACY, Alabama Daily News

As the March 3 primary election for U.S. Senate approaches, Congressman Bradley Byrne is up with two new television ads criticizing his opponents and touting his own Trump bonafides.

They are the first true contrast ads of the 2020 cycle and are sure to elicit some conversation as the final two-week stretch of the campaign begins.

The first ad shows actors portraying two of Byrne’s opponents for the U.S. Senate – former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville and former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions – being “interviewed” by a panel of judges. The ad pokes fun at both Tuberville and Sessions for being “fired,” as headlines recount Tuberville’s departure from Auburn University and Session’s dismissal as attorney general.

“And Hillary still ain’t in jail,” one of the panelists says.

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The second ad is half a positive spot for Byrne and half and attack on Tuberville. It shows footage from the White House post-impeachment celebration in which President Donald Trump thanks Byrne for defending him in Congress.

The ad then turns negative, as it plays an audio clip of Tuberville describing a pathway to citizenship for migrant workers coming into the United States.

“Hey Tommy, that’s amnesty,” the ad says.

Watch it in full HERE:

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