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Birmingham Northern Beltline construction to continue

Construction of the Birmingham Northern Beltline will resume soon, Gov. Kay Ivey’s office said on Thursday, crediting U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby with securing the money needed.

Funding for the Appalachian Development Highway System, of which the Birmingham Northern Beltline is a key component, is included in legislation that passed Congress Thursday. Alabama is expected to receive enough funding to meaningfully advance construction, Ivey’s office said.

“We thank Sen. Shelby for his leadership and are pleased to announce that this funding is going to enable the state to resume construction of the Birmingham Northern Beltline,” Ivey said. “This is very exciting news for the Birmingham region and our entire state due to the enormous benefits this corridor will bring to our state and the nation.”

Shelby said completing the Appalachian Development Highway System is a priority for Alabama and the millions of people throughout the Appalachian region in other states.

“Investing in this transportation program will help generate economic development opportunities across numerous areas throughout Appalachia — especially at home in Alabama,” he said.

According to Shelby’s office, $30 million was included in the funding bill for Alabama’s Appalachian Development Highway System.


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