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Alabama police chief: Officer wounded in ‘ambush’ shooting

SELMA, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama police chief said Sunday that one of his officers was hospitalized and was expected to survive after being shot while on patrol.

Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier did not immediately release the name of the officer who was wounded before dawn Sunday.
Collier said he believes the shooting was an “ambush” with multiple people involved.

He told WSFA-TV that shots were from a high-powered rifle and pierced the officer’s bullet-proof vest and chest. The officer sped away, as he is trained to do, but lost control of his vehicle and crashed.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency has taken over the investigation, and Collier told the Selma Times-Journal he plans to use “overwhelming force” to investigate the shooting.

“This was a very well-established ambush,” Collier told the newspaper. “I don’t say that leisurely, but it was thought out. They even had the proper angles to keep from shooting each other. We are seeing more and more military type tactics in these shootings.”

The chief said shots were fired at another police vehicle in Selma in early September.

“The nonsense absolutely has to stop,” Collier said. “I no way mean this as a threat. We are trained well, but our message is clear. If our officers reasonably feel their life is in danger, we are going to start carrying more people out of these things horizontally. We cannot just be targets to them to kill and to gain street credibility.”

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