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Alabama lawmakers grapple with school safety solutions

By MALLORY MOENCH, Associated Press

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The Alabama House of Representatives’ education committee has advanced bills to reinstate a school security task force, restrict weapons on campus and report students under criminal investigation to superintendents.

The bills join multiple school safety proposals to arm teachers and security forces after the deadly shooting in Florida.

Rep. Allen Farley, a Republican, proposed a bill that would allow juvenile probation officers to tell superintendents if they’re investigating a student. It also lets law enforcement charge students who carry weapons on campus even if they can’t prove intent.

Rep. Terri Collins, a Republican, introduced a bill to reinstate a 2016 school security task force annually and add representatives from the governor, House Speaker and Senate Pro Tempore to the force.

The bills will be voted on in the House.

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