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Aderholt meets with Trump on trade

U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt was a part of a high level trade policy meeting between lawmakers and President Trump at the White House Tuesday.

The meeting centered around how United States policies might evolve on trade, particularly as it relates to NAFTA and other trade deals that might get renegotiated soon.

Aderholt has repeatedly placed a “buy American” rider on appropriations legislation requiring domestic public work projects only use American iron and steel.

“I took the opportunity to thank President Trump for his support of my ‘Buy American’ provision that mandates the use of American made iron and steel in publicly funded infrastructure projects. I also applauded his efforts to expand the American manufacturing base,” Aderholt said.

“While our trade deficits with other countries continue to balloon, life is being drained out of the American dream.  We have lost good paying jobs that allow people to buy homes, send their kids to college, give to their churches and have a nest egg for retirement.

In Washington, Aderholt is known as a “Cardinal,” meaning he chairs an Appropriations Subcommittee. He could be in line to take over the full Appropriations Committee chairmanship should House Republicans maintain their majority.

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