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Weekend Digest- September 23, 2018

I had a blast at the Auburn game and had the crazy experience tailgating w/ Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the Stacy tailgate! Todd will have more to share about his visit soon. Here is the news you need to know for September 23, 2018.

1. Was Rosenstein Serious?

  • Did you see this weekend’s bombshell New York Times report claiming Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein talked about using a wire to record President Trump in 2017 and using the 25th amendment to remove him from office?
  • These supposed remarks were found in memos written by then-acting Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, during the time when James Comey had just been fired and the president divulged classified intelligence to Russians in the Oval Office.
  • This also would have been when Rosenstein was only two weeks into his new job and his memo about Comey’s performance on the Clinton email investigation was used as justification to fire Comey.
  • But the claims are anonymously sourced (read: leaked) and Rosenstein and DOJ have strongly pushed back against the narrative.
  • He suggested wearing a wire as a joke, they told the Washington Post. As in, “whaddya want me to do, wear a wire?”
  • But those statements haven’t quelled the mob just yet.
  • Trump allies have been mixed in their views of whether or not Trump should fire Rosenstein.
  • Fox News anchors like Laura Ingraham and Jeanine Pirro have tweeted out that he should be fired, while Sean Hannity said that this was all a set up to take Trump down and he should be cautious. Choose your own conspiracy!
  • But in this news cycle, yesterday’s bombshell can always be tomorrow’s old news.

2. Kavanaugh & Ford Saga Rundown

There has been a lot of breaking news this week around Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings and Christine Blasey Ford who has come forward accusing Kavanaugh of assaulting her at a high school party.
With new information and revelations coming out every day, it can get confusing about what has been said or decided upon.
So here is an organized explanation of the events so far:
  • As of Sunday morning, Ford has agreed to come and testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.
  • A report from the New York Times on Saturday states that a woman and two men who Ford said was at the party have said they have no recollection of the party.
  • This will make any kind of attempt of corroboration effort to confirm Ford’s story very difficult.
  • There have been some viral rumors that have surfaced about Ford that have tried too depict her as a part of the deep state that is only there too take Kavanaugh out of the Supreme court nomination. Here is a full look at those rumors.
  • Some GOP senators and Trump allies have spoken up about the accusation as well: Lindsay GrahamTrey GowdyBob GoodlatteUN Ambassador Nikki Haley, and Mitch McConnell.
Since here at ADN we are always striving to represent the news fairly and accurately, here are some of the many opinion articles that have come out in light of these accusations so that you may form your own well-educated opinion:
  • The Wall Street Journal – The Presumption of Guilt.
  • New York Times– How Strong Does the Evidence Against Kavanaugh Need to Be?
  • New York Times– This I Believe About Blasey v. Kavanaugh
  • New York Times– Sick to Your Stomach? #MeToo
  • Fox News– I Stand With Brett Kavanaugh
  • The Washington Post– I was sexually assaulted. Here’s why I don’t remember many of the details.(By Patti Davis, Ronald Reagan’s daughter)
  • The Washington Post– Have we learned nothing since Anita Hill?
  • The Washington Post– The Supreme Court was America’s least damaged institution — until now
  • The Daily Caller– Dealing With the Accusation Against Judge Kvanaugh- A Modest Proposal
  • The Washington Examiner– For Democrats in Ford-Kavanaugh fight, believing is enough
  • Vox– I’ve studied false rape claims. The accusation against Kavanaugh doesn’t fit the profile.
  • Slate– Christine Blasey Ford’s Request for an FBI Investigation Makes Perfect Sense
  • Fox News– Ford vs. Kavanaugh — How much evidence do we need to destroy someone?

A message from the Alabama Coal Association

3. In case you missed it: Profiles on Close Races

  • This week as a part of ADN’s coverage close/ interesting races this election year, I take a closer look at the race for House District 65.
  • District 65 is within portions of Choctaw, Washington, Marengo and Clark Counties.
  • It’s a race against incumbent Democrat Rep. Elaine Beech and first-time Republican candidate Brett Easterbrook.
  • Beech is banking on moderate approach and history of being able to work across the aisle.
  • Over the years she has beaten Republicans and Independents but she’s never ran a race during the Trump era.
  • Easterbrook is running on his proven experience of being a job creator and believes his background as a businessman will help grow the district and state.
  • Read my full report on the race here and stay tuned for more of these profiles to come!
  • (also, if you have tips on interesting races, email me or Will)

4. The Week in Good News

Here’s some happy and hopeful reads to bring in the new week:

Sen. Shelby announced $3.2 million grant for Troy

  • Alabama’s own Senator Richard Shelby and Troy University are working to help preserve the environment.
  • Shelby announced on Friday that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has awarded a $3,200,000 grant to Troy University
  • The grant is to build a new facility that will research the process of recycling plastics.
  • The new facility will give students the opportunity to learn about the issues and solutions related to plastics recycling.
  • This work will no doubt improve the process of recycling plastic materials and will there for help the environment and reduce the effects of climate change.
  • Here is Shelby’s comment on the grant:
“The new facility at Troy University will serve as an avenue for groundbreaking research, creating an environment for students to learn the issues involving polymers and develop impactful solutions for the plastics industry,” said Senator Shelby. “I am confident that this funding will promote economic development throughout Troy and the surrounding area by training the workforce of the future.”
  • You can read more about the grant here.

POWS and MIA Soldiers Honored at Fort Rucker

  • At the annual POW/MIA (Prisoners of War, Missing in Action) recognition ceremony at Fort Rucker, soldiers from wars past were brought home to finally be laid to rest in the country they fought so bravely to protect.
  • This is a somber story, but a good reminder of how brave our soldiers are fighting for our country and how we can still repay them even in death.
  • Staff Sgt. Dan Stamaris who was a prisoner of war for eight days during Desert Storm in Iraq after the Blackhawk he was crew chief of at the time was shot down.
  • He was there to honor the POWs and MIAs and I think said it best when he said:
“We need to strive to bring back out Missing in Action and to recognize service members that were POWs, and all service members for that fact. The sacrifices they’ve made. I lost five people on my aircraft, so I’m always remembering the people that didn’t come back,” Stamaris said. “They’re the real heroes. They gave their life for this country.”

Christmas Comes Early for a Child Suffering with Cancer

  • I know…this one is a sad one too…but I was so moved by this touching story of a family and a community bonding together to bring some joy into the last days of their dying child that we can all see the good in that.
  • Brody Allen’s parents were told that their 2-year-old had two months to live. Brody has brain cancer, and his treatment was stopped last month.
  • So his family decided to bring an early Christmas to their son. They put up the tree and decorations in September.
  • Their Ohio community has followed suit. The neighborhood now twinkles with lights, Santas and snowmen. People have sent Brody gifts, snacks and cards. The community is also planning a Christmas parade.
  • I highly recommend that you read this heart warming story from the New York Times here.


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WASHINGTON POST – ‘Incredibly frustrated’: Inside the GOP effort to save Kavanaugh amid assault allegation.
WASHINGTON POST – Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford moved 3,000 miles to reinvent her life. It wasn’t far enough.
WASHINGTON POST – Contributor Eileen McClure Nelson: I know why Christine Blasey Ford didn’t come forward earlier. I didn’t, either.
WASHINGTON POST – The Washington Post: Trump sees ‘tremendous progress’ on the Koreas where none exists.
WASHINGTON POST – Trump administration seeks to limit access to U.S. for immigrants who use or are likely to use public assistance.
WASHINGTON POST – Congress allows airlines to continue passenger fees that cost $4.6 billion last year.
WASHINGTON POST – Parents face tougher rules to get immigrant children back.
NEW YORK TIMES – Tentative Deal Reached for Kavanaugh Accuser to Testify on Thursday
NEW YORK TIMES – Kavanaugh Was Supposed to Be a Midterm Boon for G.O.P. Not Anymore.
NEW YORK TIMES – With Climate Change No Longer in the Future, Adaptation Speeds Up
NEW YORK TIMES – Hurricane Florence Has Gone, but Challenges for the Carolinas Have Just Begun
NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Jennifer Weiner: The Patriarchy Will Always Have Its Revenge
NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor David Margolick: We Need More Enemies of the People

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