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Ward campaign ads highlight job of Supreme Court justice

By CAROLINE BECK Alabama Daily News

State Sen. Cam Ward, R-Alabaster, has two TV campaign ads airing as part of his run for the Alabama Supreme Court. Both highlight Ward’s stance that a supreme court justice should only interpret Alabama laws, not create their own.

“My philosophy is simple,” Ward says. “The legislature should make laws. Judges interpret the law, not the other way around.”

Ward also highlights his work in criminal justice reform and backing of Second Amendment rights.

“The Second Amendment absolutely matters,” Ward says. “Violent criminals should be kept behind bars as long as possible and elections do matter.”

See the full ad HERE:

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In his other commercial, Ward’s two youngest daughters, Riley and Clemence Ward, ask Alabamians to vote for what’s best for them since they are not old enough to cast ballots.

“We know he’s the right guy for the job,” Riley Ward says. “We know because he’s our dad.”

Riley Ward also points to Ward’s philosophy about a supreme court justice’s job and Ward’s support of conservative Republican values.

“We need you to elect someone to the Alabama Supreme Court who understands conservative Republican Alabama values,” Riley Ward says. “Someone who knows judges should interpret the law, they should never make new ones from the bench.”

See that full ad HERE:

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The Alabama Supreme Court Republican primary is March 3. Ward is challenging incumbent justice Greg Shaw.


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