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Skip Tucker: Beware When Ye Fight The Demon

By SKIP TUCKER, Alabama Daily News Featured Columnist

I never suspected I’d find myself in the position of defending Donald Trump, especially on a routine basis. Never quite cared for the man, actually. I voted for him for a number of reasons, the most solid one being that if I’d considered voting for Hillary Clinton I’d have to stop shaving for fear I’d feel compelled to cut my own throat.

Happily, Clinton tripped over her own cloven hoof and I think Trump is doing great things.

Another reason I voted for Trump is the heavy-handed way the objective media chewed into him. At first he was ridiculed. Ridicule has been media’s standard ploy forever. When that plan failed, as did its attempt to cover up the contemptible Clinton, media attacked Trump’s conservative base. All that did was solidify it.

Then it followed Herself’s lead (again) to claim The Donald was mentally deficient and probably a moron. Republican presidential hopefuls chimed along. Then Trump whipped the mainstream media, whipped his Republican opponents, whipped the media again, whipped the Republican National Committee, whipped the media some more and then beat Clinton to political death.

Media finally realized the person it was calling an idiot had just handed it its ass.

There is little that media hasn’t tried. Even my liberal friends from newspapers are shocked by what passes these days for journalism. Trump can do nothing that isn’t radon-poison, racist or a ruse. Everything from mass slaughter to (nonexistent) global warming is his fault. Nothing good is to his credit. The booming economy is luck. When it weakens, as eventually it must, the cries of told-you-so will echo.

When I was in journalism school in Tuscaloosa, we wannabees thought New York was paradise and that if we were good reporters we’d go to the New York Times when we died. Today, I hardly recognize it, except for the front page and the “flag” at top in Olde English script.

Last week, the Times did something so startling and disturbing that even the most deeply stained veteran members of the Gauche press had to shake startled heads. Following the president’s denunciation of hatred, the newspaper that was once the world’s beacon for truth and justice changed the headline on its lead story at the behest of the gauche Dems, led by the ubiquitous wildwoman Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

“Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism,” was the correct description in the first headline by the fading paper, but it was quickly changed to, “Assailing Hate But Not Guns,” because of just plain weird verbiage from the twitch tweet:  “Let this front page serve as a reminder of how white supremacy is aided by – and often relies upon – the cowardice of mainstream institutions.”

And so the indeed cowardly Times caressed its underbelly with its tail, whined, and changed its headline.

My only personal experience with the Times took place in George McMillian’s near-miss 1982 race against a hater, ex-Alabama Gov. George Wallace. As election day drew near and McMillian surged toward the lead, a Times reporter called me for comment. Wallace was bound to a wheelchair by bullets from assassin Arthur Bremer.

“Please tell me you’re gonna beat that crippled motherf..ker,” he said. And what does one reply to that. One is careful, or one’s name will show up in the Times as follows: Campaign spokesman Skip Tucker says McMillian will “beat that crippled motherf..ker.” I said, “Well, we sure feel like we have a very good chance to win.” I never saw a story.

The Gauche left has thrown caution to the wind, and its future is dark as two feet up a bull’s hindquarters. Nationally, print papers continue to swirl down the big porcelain while Trump climbs in the polls. All the outrage, not sane, from Dems is a form of seppuku.

It’s leading lights and lightless tell the most outrageous lies, which are willingly swallowed by the hogwallow swill that is the public prints and talking heads. They regurgitate it.

Occasionally, truth makes a brief return appearance. Here is something completely different from the New York Times, Wednesday, Aug. 7: “Don’t Assume Trump’s Approval Rating Can’t Climb Higher. It Already Has.

“Millions of Americans who did not like the president in 2016 now say they do. Donald J. Trump doesn’t always seem like a candidate focused on expanding his base of support. He may have done so anyway.The share of Americans who say they have a favorable view of him has increased significantly since the 2016 election.”

Throughout his term, Trump approval rate hasn’t wavered to any degree. It averaged about 44 percent for a while. In the past six months, it has steadily risen to about 50 percent. Amidst hysterical accusations of racism, Trump’s approval rating among black voters has risen from 28 percent to 33 percent, according to the Rasmussen poll.

The looming impeachment? It’s not likely to happen. At its thickest, a wobbly 28 percent believed it could. Following the Mueller meltdown, it’s fallen to 11 percent. If he’s impeached, the reeling House of Representatives will watch its hucksters kill it via autoerotic asphyxiation. Its members know it is, excuse me, a lost cause.

The worst thing that could happen is for it to vote for it. It would give the U.S Senate and The Donald a forum to expose the Gauche core and corps.

The man said, “Beware when ye fight the demon, lest ye become the demon.”

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