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Skip Tucker: Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here.

By SKIP TUCKER, Alabama Daily News Featured ColumnistTwo things were learned yesterday from the poofish Senate committee hearings starring anguished former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Foremost is that the report mostly was fabric and tissue. Secondly, it’s obvious that Mueller didn’t write much of it. Those are facts.

Multiple sources confirm that Mueller’s DOJ team mostly was made up of Democrats. This is from the Daily Caller in February, last year:

  • None of the 16 lawyers known to work for special counsel Robert Mueller are registered Republicans;
  • There are 13 registered Democrats on the investigation and three lawyers with no party affiliation;

Campaign finance records reveal that 11 lawyers are Democratic donors.

The special counsel’s office has previously disclosed that nine of the 16 lawyers have made a total of $62,000 in donations to Democrats.This would be akin to a dozen former football players for (choose one) Alabama or Auburn refereeing the Iron Bowl. It doesn’t pass the smell test.

Poor Bob couldn’t answer questions about the document that carries his name and often was reduced to stutters and pleas. He tripped over words.

When encountering a difficult question, even by his supporters, often he could only reply that “if it’s in the report, I stand by it.” Even then he didn’t stand by it. He evaded or deflected some 180 questions. He bailed, leaving fellow travelers shocked to speechlessness. Speechlessness is a difficult thing to attain for a Member of Congress. You should’ve seen.

Committee Chair Adam Schiff, from California of course, was expected to end the hearing by charging President Trump with “high crimes and misdemeanors,” a foundational statement for impeachment proceedings. He didn’t. He blithered.

High-ranking Dems across this great country of ours called Meuller’s meltdown a struggle, disaster, a farce, an embarrassment. Those were the kind ones. The man simply did not know whereof he spoke.

I predicted early in the week that when the hearings concluded, Mueller might be the one in trouble. And now he is.

After years of investigation, leading comments and shadowy finger pointing, he failed Wednesday morning in two Senate hearings to provide any proof that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, obstructed justice or did anything illegal. There were more than six hours of convoluted testimony.  Double exposure. It was painful to watch because Mueller thought he was doing The Right Thing.

A steadfast rule in politics is to never let anyone see you sweat. I thought two of the questionnaires might burst into tears. With their microphone time strictly limited to five minutes of questions, some were energetically trying to put words in Mueller’s mouth to build to a triumphant conclusion.

Often, he denied their groping. Often, he said he didn’t agree with their characterizations of his report and of the president  More than one looked away from the mike in shock the way a downed prizefighter will look to his corner for help. Twice, liberal mouths dropped open.  It was a circus, with no shortage of clowns.

I don’t agree with polls, mostly, but I think one might’ve been correct by predicting that the hearings would not change voters’ minds to any impact. That was before the hearings. The aftermath of this fiasco is going to be terrible. The Dem Party was already crippled by lame leadership. It said out loud, prior to the disgrace, that Mueller would “bring the report to life so that Americans would understand.” And so it did. It left no doubt that some of these people are delusional.

After the poor show, Trump said Mueller”did a horrible job both today and with respect to the investigation,” but “in all fairness to him he had nothing to work with.” He said the Democrats had nothing beforehand and less than nothing now.

Has anyone checked to see how badly Trump has been damaged in recent weeks by the feral rants of liberals pushing their personal political agendas? The answer is, not at all.

Tuesday, for the first time, international betting sites made The Donald an odds-on favorite to win re-election.  Vegas books put him in the lead. The Rasmussen Poll, which boinked its presidential prediction like all others but not nearly so badly, has Trump at 50 percent favorability.

While he also carries a disapproval rate nearly that tall, he really hasn’t even begun to campaign. All the wiggles and fumbles by the Gauche are in the Trump info bank, ready for TV spots and social media. And the weird sisters have become the face of the Democratic Party, its very definition. It won’t be long before the liberal candidates begin to eat each other’s livers.

Meanwhile, Trump will say that the economy is sound and compare it to failures of administrations before his. He’ll say we have the respect of the world, that America is becoming great again.

There are a couple of other things: sooner or later, someone is going to point out that in the main Russian hackers simply pushed out true information about Hillary

Clinton’s madness that the liberal media knew about but refused to reveal.

It will be pointed out that Gauche media tried to protect her from her myriad folly, her mounds of rogue emails that were illegal in scope and form. It comes increasingly clear the liberal media climbed onto the Clinton Bandwagon that colluded with Russians, that made millions through the questionable Clinton Foundation, that stood by to watch murders of Americans.

Neither have those screaming for impeachment realized that such a thing might serve to bust them in the snoot.

Sure, the Democrat controlled House of Reprehensibles will probably vote to impeach Trump. Then it will go to the Republican Senate, which probably could subpoena the Clintons and everybody else who’ve been in on the charade since Day One. Then the Senate will exonerate the president, and maybe lock her up.

The Mueller report included a word, written by who knows whom, that was a very juicy bone for the Gauche and Gauche media. The report said, in the most righteous tone, that it “could not exonerate the president.” Neither the DOJ nor its Special Prosecutor has power to exonerate. It never has. Yet Gauche media clung to it, with not the least idea of what it was talking about.

Five hours in yesterday, Rep. André Carson asked Mueller a series of questions about his report’s assertion that a former Trump campaign chairman shared private polling information with a suspected Russian agent.

“Would you agree that these acts demonstrated a betrayal of the democratic values our country rests on?” Carson, from Indiana, asked the former FBI director.

“I can’t agree with that,” Mueller replied. “Not that it’s not true, but I cannot agree with it.”

Democrats hoped Mueller would animate his report but he mostly refused to play along. “I can’t adopt your characterization,” he said to Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas, who was trying to extract details on Trump’s business negotiations with Moscow.

“It’s painful to watch,” tweeted Mimi Rocah, an NBC News analyst and former federal prosecutor.

“With all reverence for Bob Mueller and his lifetime of career service … I have to say that far from breathing life into the report, he kind of sucked the life out of the report,” Jeremy Bash, a Democrat, NBC News national security analyst and former chief of staff at the CIA and Pentagon, said on MSNBC.

“He didn’t want to explain or expand on his rationale. He seemed lost at times. He was flipping through the report, trying to find passages that members of Congress were reading to him. I thought it slowed things down. And I thought it really was a very ineffective defense of his own work.”

Republicans, meanwhile, methodically attacked Mueller’s investigation and Mueller for the most part declined to push back.

He didn’t respond when Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said the FBI had “spied” on the Trump campaign, and suggested that Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor who told George Papadopoulos the Russians had Clinton emails, was a U.S. agent, not a Russian agent.

Nor did he offer a refutation when Rep. John Ratcliffe of Texas argued that Mueller did not follow the special counsel regulations and that it was improper for Mueller to say the president had not been exonerated.

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania accused Mueller, in so many words, of being an unethical prosecutor. He called the Mueller report “un-American.” When he finished, Mueller did not respond.

Here’s the internationally respected Economist Magazine:

The notion that the special counsel was about to take down Mr Trump has long owed more to feverish Democratic imaginations than reality. The reams of evidence the special counsel has already made public, in hundreds of pages of court filings, did not point to a grand conspiracy between the Trump team and Russian agents. The obstruction case looked hard to prove.

Democrats might also feel Mr Mueller has done them a tactical favour. A more damning report on Mr Trump, including a clear allegation of criminality, would have made it hard for them to avoid impeaching him. Yet that course of action has always looked like a hiding to nothing.

Protected by his party, Mr Trump almost certainly could not be removed by impeachment proceedings, and might well be strengthened by a failed effort. Democratic leaders know this perfectly well. Despite well-publicised calls for Mr Trump’s impeachment from a few hotheads, most Democrats in Congress are against it.


*Much information for this column came from media sources such as Axios, NBC, CNBC, and Fox, as well as those cited.

(Next Week: It’s a Bad Time to be a Criminal in Alabama.)

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