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Roby, Sessions discuss blacklisting of border wall contractors

By TODD STACY, Alabama Daily News

Some American cities are an using an aggressive tactic to stop or slow construction of President Trump’s promised border wall: boycotting or blacklisting the construction companies who help build it.

Already the cities of Austin, Texas and Berkeley, California have passed resolutions making it clear that any contractor who helps build the wall won’t be doing business for their communities. But, the tactic isn’t exclusive to these liberal academic enclaves. Cities across the United States are considering similar proposals, according to a Fox News report.

Leaders in Washington, D.C. are taking notice. On Capitol Hill Thursday, U.S. Rep. Martha Roby (R-Ala) questioned Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the trend during an during an appropriations hearing.

“I know you agree with me that it is vital that we secure our southern border and put an end to individuals crossing into our country illegally,” Roby said to Sessions. “We must also have a qualified workforce and experienced businesses that can operate without discrimination or retaliation for simply following the federal government contract directives of building a secure system, including a wall, along our southern border.

“How does the Department of Justice plan to respond to these state and local governments on this issue of discriminatory behavior?”

In his response, Attorney General Sessions made it clear that the Justice Department is aware of the cities’ actions and will is considering options to counter them.

“We will not accept it. This is an unbelievable assertion of power,” Sessions said.  “We don’t believe it’s sustainable legally, and we will challenge it wherever there is a case to be proven.”

Watch their full exchange below.

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