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In the Weeds w/ Sen. Del Marsh

In this week’s episode of “In the Weeds,” we talk to Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh. He certainly had an interesting legislative session, both as the leader of the Senate and personally.

We discussed how the gas tax and infrastructure plan sailed through the Senate, the details of his education governance overhaul, and how he went from throwing out red meat at the beginning of the session back to managing the Senate toward the end.

One of our most interesting exchanges was about why he ultimately decided not to pursue the U.S. Senate seat. For about a year, he’s been on everybody’s short list for candidates for U.S. Senate, but in the middle of the legislative session, he announced that he wouldn’t be running. I asked him to walk me through the whole thing, and he had a little fun with it, while also being pretty candid.

The pre-interview discussion is about the U.S. Senate race and specifically what has changed between this race and the 2017 special election that favored Roy Moore. (More on that in the column).

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