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Daily News Digest – May 15, 2018


1. Alabama Works: Success Plus

  • The state of Alabama wants to grow its skilled labor workforce by 500,000 people over the next seven years.
  • That ambitious and much-needed goal was announced by Gov. Kay Ivey and workforce development leaders at AUSTAL USA on Monday.
  • Called the Success Plus Initiative, the idea is to create a more seamless transition for Alabama students to attain the certificates, credentials and degrees that are generally needed to compete for today’s careers.
  • That would obviously be good for students as far as finding jobs. But, building skilled workforce will help the state attract new industries and broaden our an economic base.
  • Read the full story HERE.
  • Also, the Alabama Works folks have a pretty impressive website full of the data they’ve accrued. It’s worth a look HERE if you want to go deeper on the subject.

2. What’s Scott Dawson doing?

  • Birmingham minister and candidate for governor Scott Dawson has two press conference scheduled today – one in Birmingham and one in Mobile.
  • These type “fly-arounds” are generally saved for campaign launches or big announcements – and speculation is growing as to what Dawson is going to say.
  • Some folks tell me Dawson is about to drop some serious oppo on Gov. Kay Ivey. (Oppo=opposition research)
  • A few days ago, amid all the candidates releasing their fit-as-a-fiddle health reports, I said that I doubt anyone would invest serious time and money into attacking Ivey’s health & age because it could backfire.
  • Was I wrong? Is Dawson about to do the deed?
  • We’ll see. Interesting that he is skipping the Montgomery and Huntsville media markets.

3. States now free to allow sports gambling.

  • The U.S. Supreme Court ruled yesterday that states can allow sports gambling.
  • It’s a huge ruling that many states have been anticipating – Mississippi, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York among them.
  • Everyday people put wagers on sports: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf – literally everything.
  • That may be against the law in Alabama, but it’s hard to trace and, therefore, hard to crack down on.
  • The future of gambling in Alabama was already a pretty active question, but this ruling adds a whole different layer to it.
  • Maybe we should start asking candidates for office about their views on it. WSFA did that yesterday.

4. News briefs. 

  • Attorney General Steve Marshall has a new ad out. It tells the story of a sexual abuse victim that Marshall helped as a prosecutor. It’s a good ad, and probably well-timed. Watch it on the updated rundown HERE.
  • At least one of those leakers we were talking about yesterday is no longer a government employee. SAD!
  • The American embassy opened in Jerusalem yesterday to much fanfare. Hamas and the Palestinians protested and some were killed when they rushed the border. It’s going to be like this for a little while.
  • Two state legislative races are going on today: a House race in North Alabama and a Senate race in Montgomery. Both are virtually meaningless unless Gov. Ivey calls a special session.
  • Is Vice President Mike Pence more politically ambitious than he lets on? I can tell you his chief adviser Nick Ayers is. When Jonathan Martin, Maggie Haberman & Alex Burns share a byline on a political story it’s usually worth reading, and today is no exception.
  • Ever wonder how and why there are SO MANY reporters on cable news these days? Buzzfeed did a deep dive into some of the contractual agreements and it’s pretty enlightening.

5. We’re hiring!

  • Great news!
  • Alabama Daily News is ready to bring on its first full time reporter.
  • I’m looking for an eager, smart, ambitious writer with an educational background in journalism to help cover politics and government.
  • ADN might be new, but we’re going places and this is a cool opportunity for any aspiring journalist.
  • If you or someone you know might be interested, send resumes and work examples my way at [email protected].
  • Points for early risers 😉


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