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Daily News Digest – June 7, 2018

Good morning!  Here’s your Daily News for Thursday, June 7, 2018. 

1. A Correction, Updates & Omissions.


House District 45

  • In a stunning update, State Rep. Dickie Drake has WON his primary over Ted Crockett.
  • The race seemed all but over and going Crockett’s way until boxes from Drake’s home of Jefferson County were finally counted putting him over the top.
  • Drake’s win makes GOP House incumbents 15-0 in their primary reelection bids this year. That’s a feather in the cap for House Speaker Mac McCutcheon, Majority Leader Nathanial Ledbetter and their leadership team.

Supreme Court

  • Jay Mitchell won the GOP nomination for Supreme Court Place 1 and will face Democrat Donna Smalley in November. By my count, Mitchell was the state’s third-highest vote-earner at 305,177 behind Sec. of State John Merrill (334,922) and Gov. Kay Ivey (330,743).
  • Brad Mendheim and Sarah Stewart will head to a runoff for Supreme Court Place 1. Mendheim led the three-way race Tuesday with 43 percent of the vote to Stewart’s 29 percent and Debra Jones’ 27 percent.

Attorney General

  • Joseph Siegelman won the Democratic nomination for Attorney General decidedly over Chris Christie. While most of the attention is on the GOP runoff, I did not mean to omit this side of the race.


  • Tabitha Isner defeated Audra Scott Williams for the Democratic nomination for Congress in AL-2. Again, most attention is on the GOP runoff, but I didn’t mean to leave this out.
  • Mallory Hagan defeated Adia Winfrey for the Democratic nomination in AL-3. She’ll face Congressman Mike Rogers in the fall.

See all the results on the Secretary of State’s website HERE.

THANK YOU everyone who took a minute to reply and let me know I had a mistake or left something out. I greatly appreciate the feedback.

2. More election data points


  • 589,533 people voted in the Republican Primary for governor. That’s more than double the 283,081 that voted in the Democratic Primary.
  • That total is also the highest of ANY gubernatorial primary I can find.
  • The closest are 1998 Fob James-Winton Blount at 554,746 and 2010 Bradley Byrne-Tim James-Robert Bentley, et all at 492,733.
  • Kay Ivey’s 330,743 vote total is >45K above all the Democrats combined. It’s more than double Walt Maddox’s 154,599.
  • Republicans say these numbers dispel any notion of a pro-Maddox / anti-Trump “Blue Wave” in Alabama.
  • Democrats say the primary numbers were similar last year before Doug Jones eventually defeated Roy Moore.
  • I say Kay Ivey is not Roy Moore.


  • Only one incumbent state lawmaker – Sen. Paul Bussman of Cullman – has lost reelection. At least so far.
  • As I mentioned, GOP House incumbents were 15-0. Two Democratic House Members – Pebblin Warren of Tuskegee and Alvin Holmes of Montgomery – face runoffs.
  • GOP Sen. Larry Stutts of Tuscumbia faces a runoff against Steve Lolley.
  • I’m not sure it counts as an incumbent, but State Sen. David Burkette is in a runoff with State Rep. John Knight.
  • So in a year with a lot of legislative retirements, there will be little turnover amongst those who chose to run again.
  • Read more from’s Mike Cason HERE.

3. Trump commutes sentence of Alice Marie Johnson

  • Many snickered (including me, kind of) when this photo of President Trump and Kim Kardashian-West made the rounds on the internet.
  • The accompanying tweet simply said they were meeting about “prison reform and sentencing.” The two (former?) reality TV stars aren’t known for their policy breadth, so, fair.
  • The full story is Kardashian was there to ask Trump to consider commuting the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, who had served more than 20 years in an Alabama prison after being sentenced to life for drug offenses.
  • The president granted the request.
  • Turns out the commutation request never made it to President Obama’s desk because it never made it through Dept. of Justice review.
  • The president has been in a pardoning mood lately. Agree or disagree with this decision, it is an incredible instance of a celebrity bypassing layers of bureaucracy to achieve a major result.
  • Also, what is going on with Trump and the Kardashian-Wests?
  • If Kim & Kanye show up at the RNC in 2020 it’s going to, well, break the internet.

4. Stokes: ideas, not symbolism, needed to solve problems. 

  • Alabama Daily News Contributor Matthew Stokes is back with a column this week.
  • His piece takes a look at all the pandering throughout the primary campaign and what it says about our politicians and ourselves.
  • There was a lot of pandering, just as there always is.
  • Stokes argues that when voters respond more to the symbolic rather than the substantive in the campaign, we invite our leaders to focus on the symbolic rather than the substantive in office.
  • Here’s a snippet:

While we might like our leaders to make us comfortable and to relate with us on a personal level and share our common values and interests, it isn’t necessary.

You may be a hunter, but your governor doesn’t have to be one. You may like organic kale and fair trade coffee, but your attorney general doesn’t have to, as well.

When these things become priorities, our politicians don’t just spend their campaigns running on cultural symbolism. They spend their time in office doing it, too.

  • His full column is worth a read and you can do that HERE.

5. News Briefs.

  • The Alabama Ethics Commission has ruled that politicians’ campaign funds can be spent on child care services. The Federal Elections Commission had a similar ruling earlier this year. Generally, state and federal laws prohibit spending funds on “personal” expenses. But, what makes child care costs any different than gasoline or food or any other expense that, without it, you couldn’t much campaign effectively?
  • YellowHammer News’ Jeff Poor writes about the runoff between Martha Roby and Bobby Bright in AL-2. He gets into the history or the district, why it matters, and how it gives Roby the upper hand. Read Jeff’s piece HERE.
  • Congressional GOP leaders are meeting this morning to see if they can figure out a consensus on immigration. There are deep divisions over the issue, which has kept the House from completing important work, including the Farm Bill. Lack of progress on legislation is not good for Congressmen seeking reelection. Read more HERE.
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has cancelled August recess. He says chamber needs to stay in town and keep working, especially since a backlog of nomination confirmations remain. He blames Senate Democrats’ delay tactics. Cancelling summer plans might be one way to end those blockades. Read more HERE.



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