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Daily News Digest – June 28, 2018

Good morning! Here’s your Daily News for Thursday, June 28, 2018. 

1. Trump gets second SCOTUS pick. 

What’s Happening

  • Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire at the end of July. He’s 81 and been on the Court since 1988.
  • President Trump will appoint his replacement, which he says will be someone on the same list of conservative judges from which he selected Neil Gorsuch last year.
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the Senate will vote to confirm Trump’s nominee this fall. Of course, Democrats would rather that not happen and are trying all manner of arguments to delay the nomination/confirmation.
  • Bottom line: we’re probably going to have a new Supreme court Justice by October, and it’s likely to solidify a conservative tilt on the high court for a generation.

Why it Matters

  • Kennedy is known as the “swing” justice. The Reagan appointee has cast decisive votes on cases considered to be big wins both for conservatives (gun rights, political speech, public sector unions) and liberals (gay marriage, upholding Roe, limiting prayer in school).
  • His replacement will likely be a more reliable conservative vote.
  • Everyone is wondering whether this means the Court will strike down Roe v. Wade. I think that’s unlikely, but it could reshape the issue legally by granting states greater authority to enact restrictions like limits on abortions after 25 weeks.

What’s Next

  • There ain’t much more dramatic than a Supreme Court nomination, politically speaking.
  • Republicans are straight up salivating at the chance to realign the Court. Democrats are losing their minds over the implications. I think we can expect this extraordinary period of political toxicity to get a lot worse in the next few months.
  • One factor to watch: Since Gorsuch’s confirmation, the Senate has one more Democrat and one fewer Republican. Why? Alabama, of course.
  • If this confirmation vote gets tight – and it could – Sen. Doug Jones will become a decisive factor.
  • And what if the choice is over fellow Alabamian Bill Pryor, who is said to be on President Trump’s short list?


2. Steve Marshall tells of his wife’s struggles w/ mental health, addiction

  • Attorney General Steve Marshall on Wednesday shared the painful, grief-ridden story of his wife Bridgette’s struggle with mental health problems and addiction.
  • Those struggles contributed to her suicide this past Sunday, Marshall said.
  • If you haven’t already, you really should just go watch the entire news conference for yourself, which you can do HERE.

“It is our hope today to share our story to also give strength to those families who have endured what we have endured. And maybe for that person who felt like Bridgette did on Sunday morning to know that there is hope and there are people who love them,” Marshall said.

Talking about Mental Health

  • We don’t like to talk about mental health. We sure don’t like to talk about suicide.
  • But if there’s a silver lining to the recent rash of prominent suicides (Robin Williams, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain), it is that important conversations are starting to happen.
  • Alabama Daily News contributor Will Whatley is sharing his story of struggles with mental health in a must-read, must share column.
  • He writes about how he discovered and came to terms with his own mental health issues, and how he found a way to deal with them effectively.
  • It’s one thing to say we need to talk about mental health. It’s another thing entirely to do it by sharing your own story. Read his brave and commendable column HERE.

3. What’s happening in Congress


  • As predicted, the “compromise” immigration bill went down in flames yesterday.
  • 112 House Republicans voted against it, despite President Trump urging them to pass it. That shows many are still very wary of being associated with the “A” word: amnesty.
  • They’ll vote today or tomorrow on a narrow measure fixing the legal issues surrounding child/parent separations at the border.


  • The annual bill authorizing programs for the Department of Defense is just a few steps away from the President’s desk.
  • Two Alabama House Members – Rep. Mike Rogers and Rep. Bradley Byrne –  have been appointed to the House-Senate Conference Committee that will work out the differences between the House and Senate-passed versions.

Defense Appropriations

Farm Bill

  • The Senate has begun the process of working through amendments to the Farm Bill.
  • Everything from the controversial Conservation Reserve Program to tariffs to Cuba policy to all manner of food stamp changes could be debated and voted on the next few days.
  • Ag Committee Chairman Pat Roberts wants the bill to pass before Congress breaks for the Fourth of July.
  • Read more from POLITICO’s Liz Crampton.

4. Border bungle begets Baldwin bru ha ha 

5. News Briefs 

More Huntsville goodies

  • The hits keep coming for the Rocket City. LG Electronics is going to build a $28 million solar panel plant there and create 160 jobs, Gov. Kay Ivey announced.

Mobile making moves

Trial gets going

  • The trial of Balch & Bingham attorneys Joel Gilbert and Steve  McKinney, and Drummond vice president David Roberson, is now fully underway in federal court.
  • The prosecution gets to go first, and they are trying to prove the accused conspired to bribe former State Rep. Oliver Robinson to get local residents to oppose an EPA superfund site cleanup in Birmingham.
  • In opening statements, the defense called Robinson, who pleaded guilty and is cooperating with prosecutors, a “cheater and a liar.”
  • The trial is expected to last three or four weeks and the potential witness list is pretty crazy.


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