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Daily News Digest – February 1, 2018

Good morning and welcome to February! Didn’t January just seem go on forever? Don’t worry, this month promises to be a shorter one. Here is your Alabama Daily News digest for Thursday, February 1, 2018.

1. Things are about to get real…

Photo credit: Hal Yeager

Fasten your seatbelt for an intense few days of developments surrounding a three-way struggle between the House Intelligence Committee, the Department of Justice / FBI, and the White House.

It looks like that MEMO everyone is talking about will be de-classified today, and may well be released.

What is this all about?

  • The House Intelligence Committee prepared a memo based on its review of classified documents that may show FBI officials using questionable material to build the case for a secret surveillance warrant on a Trump campaign aide.
  • Remember the whole thing about Trump Tower being bugged? When federal investigators became suspicious that Trump campaign official Carter Page was working with Russian nationals to influence the 2016 election, they sought a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to check it out.
  • Many believe the FBI used the infamous anti-Trump “dossier” in making their case to the FISA court. That would be embarrassing for the FBI because the Trump dossier is highly questionable and was partially funded by Democrats and the Clinton campaign.  It fuels the narrative Team Trump and many Republicans are trying to build that the “deep state” has been out to get Trump from the beginning and can’t be trusted.

Tension with Justice

Be careful what you wish for

  • What “material omissions” could DOJ be referring to? If it is true that the FBI used the Trump dossier to get a FISA warrant, how likely is it that the dossier was the ONLY evidence used?
  • There was probably a lot more evidence needed – and probably not the kind that shows Trump in a positive light.
  • The #ReleaseTheMemo frenzy has been effective in casting doubt onto any Russia related investigation. But if it results in more damaging information being dredged up on Trump, the whole plan could backfire.
  • With things finally going so well for President Trump and Congressional Republicans right now, the last thing they need is for this to blow up in their face.

Good reading on the subject

2. Scary ride for Alabama Congressmen 

3. Committee day in the State House

What happened

What’s next

The no-drama session continues for now.

The Senate will bear down on a Special Order Calendar that includes:

  • Sen. Gerald Dial’s bill revising definitions and creating a new committee for the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.
  • Sen. Clyde Chambliss’ bill require state agency heads to certify in-state travel for state employees.
  • Sen. Paul Bussman’s bill requiring local water authorities to notify the state when they change the level of fluoride in the water.
  • Sen. Trip Pittman’s bill to crack down on abandoned or derelict vessels. You can’t just leave your wrecked boat lying there in Mobile Bay! 

The House is expected to be on Sunset bills today before moving to its own Special Order calendar. That agenda includes:

  • Two House GOP “Flag, Family, Country” Agenda bills: Legislation calling for the death penalty or life in prison without parole for murder of a parent or guardian in the presence of a child; and legislation increasing the penalties for acts of domestic violence committed against a parent or guardian in the presence of a child.
  • Rep. Pebblin Warren’s bill requiring health and safety standards at church day care facilities.

4. Thank you!

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5. Headlines

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – Anti-voyeurism bill clears Senate committee.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – Governor could fill some legislative vacancies under proposed amendment.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – House committee Oks Stand Your Ground for Alabama churches.

YELLOWHAMMER NEWS – Huntsville ready to deliver an important piece for aerospace launches.

YELLOWHAMMER NEWS – Editor Pepper Bryars:  Alabama’s conservatives should support bills limiting special elections.

YELLOWHAMMER NEWS – Human trafficking bill passes Alabama State Senate.

AL.COM – President Trump’s approval rating in Alabama and every other state, ranked.

AL.COM – Senate rejects 20-week abortion ban; GOP criticizes Jones vote.

AL.COM – Bill applies felony charge to owners of dogs that maim or kill.

AL.COM – Alabama Department of Public Health investigating 54 flu-related deaths.

AL.COM – Cancer-causing radon found in east Alabama town’s well water, researcher says.

AL.COM – Bill to criminalize secretly photographing private parts advances.

AL.COM – Will Anthony Ray Hinton get compensation? Alabama lawmakers debate $1.5 million for freed Death Row inmate.

AL.COM – Ivey thanks Trump for SOTU shoutout: ‘Alabama is indeed open for business’.

AL.COM – 5 Alabama GOP congressmen unharmed in train collision.

AL.COM – Alabama Senate moves to toughen fentanyl penalties amid spike in overdoses.

AL.COM – High-performance auto tuning company Dinan moving to Opelika.

AL.COM – All Mercedes-Benz vehicles to have electric versions by 2022.

AL.COM – Contributor Gary Profit:  Alabama veterans deserve easier access to their prescriptions.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER – Columnist Josh Moon:  The daycare bill, part II: It’s all about the money.

DECATUR DAILY – Shuttering of clubs raises concerns for kids in high-poverty areas.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS – With possible budget cuts, Aliceville prison workers fear for safety.

GADSDEN TIMES – The Gadsden Times:  Legislature should pass bills to protect kids.

ANNISTON STAR – Universities, charities, wary of potential GOP tax overhaul’s effect on donations.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS – Journalism award is rescinded over spanking allegations.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS – Profitable Daimler warns about heavy spending on new tech.

DOTHAN EAGLE – The Dothan Eagle:  Wronged twice.

WASHINGTON POST – With FBI statement on memo, Christopher Wray could now be in the president’s crosshairs.

WASHINGTON POST – Columnist Dana Milbank:  Democrats’ behavior at the State of the Union was embarrassing.

WASHINGTON POST – Federal government will be unable to pay all bills sooner than expected, due to new tax law.

WASHINGTON POST – U.S. democracy is in grave danger, a new Economist report warns.

WASHINGTON POST – As Amazon headquarters race heats up, concerns about a subsidy war grow.

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