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Daily News Digest – August 7, 2018

Good morning! Here’s your Daily News for Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

1. Trump slaps Iran w/ sanctions.

What happened

  • President Trump has put strict economic sanctions against Iran back into effect.
  • The sanctions – which target financial transactions, commercial planes and automobiles, and gold – had been eased under the nuclear deal reached by President Obama.
  • Trump did not like the Iranian nuclear deal and says it left the country flush with cash to fund terrorism and spread unrest in the Middle East.

Why It Matters

  • Iran is having some trouble right now. Their economy is in the middle of a downturn and there is increasing pressure on the Rouhani regime.
  • There have been protests in the street amid frustration over the economy and the regime’s support for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.
  • Officially, the U.S. is saying the sanctions are not aimed at regime change, but it looks like some wouldn’t be all that sad if it happened.

What’s next

  • Trump has offered to negotiate a new nuclear deal. That’s the carrot to the sanctions’ stick.
  • National Security Advisor John Bolton told Fox News that “if Iran were really serious they’d come to the table. We’ll find out whether they are or not.”
  • “They could take up the president’s offer to negotiate with them, to give up their ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs fully and really verifiably,” he said.
  • Also, if the past is any indication, Iran will turn to its ally Russia to continue doing business amid the sanctions. That could get interesting.

Read more HERE.

2. This seems like a bad idea. 

  • Facebook wants banks to give them customers’ financial information – like card transactions and account balances – in order to help “offer new services” and get us to “spend more time on messenger.”
  • Every part of that sentence is offensive and terrifying.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook has pitched the idea to JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank and US Bank. At least one of the banks walked away due to privacy concerns (I hope that was my bank.)
  • So the same company that faced a Congressional investigation for allowing Cambridge Analytica to mine political data without user consent and is basically always being hacked by the Russians wants our bank account info.
  • Facebook says the story is overblown and that this kind of stuff is normal. Color me skeptical.
  • Read more in WSJ or watch this segment on CBNC.

3. A new interstate through Alabama?

4. Confirmation bias.

  • That’s a play on words.
  • The political battle over Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court is heating up in Washington.
  • Democrats might successfully delay the confirmation vote into October if they can make enough noise about getting access to White House documents.
  • In my column this week, I wrote about how that might be trouble for some red state Democrats up for election this year.
  • Sen. Doug Jones isn’t one of those, but he has a target on his back for 2020.
  • I also speculated that Congressman Bradley Byrne, Alabama Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh, former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Glenn Murdock, and Congressman Gary Palmer are some of the ones watching Jones’ vote very closely with eye on the future.
  • Read and share my column HERE.
  • Sean Ross, a recent campaign alum who is now writing for YellowHammer, went whole hog into speculation mode previewing which Republicans might consider a 2020 Senate run.
  • He has interesting names like Roby, Merrill, Battle and others. Read his whole piece HERE.

5. News briefs.

Rocket City profiled

  • Huntsville got the national profile treatment from the Associated Press this week.
  • Areospace writer Marcia Dunn took a deep dive into the past and present of space tourism in the Rocket City. These type stories get published all over the country, including in tourism magazines.
  • It is a fun and worthwhile read this morning.

No voter fraud follow up

  • Kris Kobach, whom President Trump appointed to run a voter fraud task force, never got back with the ALGOP after it agreed to submit election information.
  • So, they never submitted it.
  • The Montgomery Advertiser’s Brian Lyman talked to ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan for his exclusive story, which you can read HERE.

Election Day

  • Speaking of Kris Kobach, he’s on the ballot today trying to win the GOP nomination for Kansas governor.
  • It’s one of several election contests throughout the country. Missouri, Ohio, Iowa and Washington all have elections.
  • Read up on those Election Day storylines courtesy of our old friend, Bill Barrow HERE.


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NEW YORK TIMES – Judge in AT&T Case Ignored ‘Economics and Common Sense,’ Government Says.

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