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Carter bows out of Senate race

Miranda Carter, the Shelby County restauranteur and aide to State Senator Slade Blackwell, is no longer running for State Senate to replace her former boss.

Carter qualified to run for the Senate District 5 seat when Blackwell threw his name into the governor’s race, only to withdraw 72 hours later. Her exit from the race leaves Dan Roberts as the only qualified Republican running. Laura Casey is running for the seat as a Democrat.

In her withdrawal statement, Carter answered some questions about the bizarre turn of events with Blackwell but raised several more.

“When Senator Blackwell decided not to run it was a spur of the moment decision, which left me only hours in which to decide. I decided to qualify so I could have the time to assess the opportunity and make a smart decision. I’ve had that time and with less than 100 days until election day, there is just no way for me to organize a campaign, raise money, raise name ID and compete with a well-funded, independently wealthy opponent.

“There are so many friends who offered to help,  make signs, knock on doors, donate and raise money. You guys – my family and my friends are great and I couldn’t imagine doing life without you!

“YES, there are a lot of stories to tell. There were those in Montgomery who wanted to talk to me like a little girl, in a condescending tone, and even make inappropriate suggestions,  but there were also some really amazing people. Senators Blackwell, Ward and Shelnutt were AMAZING. They weren’t just gentlemen they were champions in wanting me to have a shot and they were professional and genuinely treated me with respect,” Carter wrote.

“There were a few women in Montgomery who befriended me – not just offer me political support but personal support and courage to break a ceiling to bring a woman conservative to an all male republican senate. Those women are also amazing, they are strong and successful and I have nothing but respect for them.

“I am not discouraged in fact I am more excited than ever to find the right time and the right place for me. Thank you to everyone who offered their support and stay tuned. I will be back and when I am you’ll know I’m going to win because I’m only in it, to win it!”

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