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Alabama statewide general election results at a glance

Republicans cruised to victory in statewide contests Tuesday, with no surprises up or down the ballot.

Gov. Kay Ivey easily won reelection with 66.9% of the vote, securing a full second term. Ivey has said improving education will be her top priority in the next four years.

Katie Britt made history on multiple fronts in her win Tuesday: she becomes the first woman elected to the Senate from Alabama, the youngest Republican woman in the Senate and the only mother of school age children in the GOP Caucus.

Here are the unofficial general election results, as of late Tuesday, according to the Alabama Secretary of State’s website.

U.S. Senator:
Katie Britt, Republican: 66.6%
Will Boyd, Democrat: 30.8%
John Sophocleus, Libertarian: 2.3% 
U.S. Representative (1st Congressional District):
Jerry Carl, Republican: 83.6%
Alexander Remrey, Libertarian: 15.6%
U.S. Representative (2nd Congressional District):
Barry Moore, Republican: 69.1%
Phyllis Harvey-Hall, Democrat 29.1%:
Jonathan Realz, Libertarian: 1.7%
U.S. Representative (3rd Congressional District):
Mike Rogers, Republican: 71.2%
Lin Veasey, Democrat: 25.1%
Thomas Casson, Libertarian: 1.5%
Douglas Bell, independent: 2% 
U.S. Representative (4th Congressional District):
Robert Aderholt, Republican: 84.1%
Rick Neighbors, Democrat: 13.6%
Johnny C. Cochran, Libertarian: 2.2%
U.S. Representative (5th Congressional District):
Dale Strong, Republican: 67.1%
Kathy Warner-Stanton, Democrat: 29.5%
P.J. Greer, Libertarian: 3.1%
U.S. Representative (6th Congressional District):
Gary Palmer, Republican: 83.7%
Andria Chieffo, Libertarian: 15.1%
U.S. Representative (7th Congressional District):
Terry Sewell, Democrat: 63.5%
Beatrice Nichols, Republican: 34.7%
Gavin Goodman, Libertarian: 1.6%
Kay Ivey, Republican: 66.9%
Yolanda Rochelle Flowers, Democrat: 29.1%
James “Jimmy” Blake, Libertarian: 3.25%
Lieutenant Governor:
Will Ainsworth, Republican:83.6%
Ruth Page-Nelson, Libertarian: 15.6%
Attorney General:
Steve Marshall, Republican: 67.9%
Wendell Major, Democrat: 32%
Supreme Court Justice (Place 5):
Greg Cook, Republican: 67.4%
Anita Kelly, Democrat: 32.4%
Secretary of State:
Wes Allen, Republican: 65.9%
Pamela Laffitte, Democrat: 31%
Jason “Matt” Shelby, Libertarian: 2.9%
State Treasurer:
Young Boozer, Republican: 83.7%
Scott Hammond, Libertarian: 15.4%
State Auditor:
Andrew Sorrell, Republican: 84.4%
Leigh LaChine, Libertarian: 14.8%
Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries:
Rick Pate, Republican: 84.2%
Jason Clark, Libertarian: 14.9%
Public Service Commission (Place 1):
Jeremy H. Oden, Republican: 83.7%
Ron Bishop, Libertarian: 15.4%
Public Service Commission (Place 2):
Chip Beeker, Republican: 83.1%
Laura Lane, Libertarian: 16%
State Board of Education (District No. 8)
Wayne Reynolds, Republican: 79.5%
Patrick C. Wallace, Libertarian: 19.4%
Constitution of Alabama of 2022:
Yes: 76.4%
No: 23.5%
Amendment 1 (Aniah’s Law):
Yes: 80.4%
No: 19.5%
Amendment 2 (municipal grants):
No: 21.4%
Amendment 3 (governor’s reprieve notice):
Yes: 81.8%
No: 18.1%
Amendment 4 (election legislation deadline):
No: 20%
Amendment 5 (“orphans’ business”):
Yes: 68.7%
No: 31.2%
Amendment 6 (municipal ad valorem tax use):
Yes: 60.7%
No: 39.2%
Amendment 7 (municipal economic development):
Yes: 75.4%
No: 24.5%
Amendment 8 (Shelby County sewers):
Yes: 71.5%
No: 28.4%
Amendment 9 (Tuscaloosa County sewers):
Yes: 71.4%
No: 28.5%
Amendment 10 (amendments’ placement in new constitution):
Yes: 74.5%
No: 25.4%


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