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Daily News Digest – March 5, 2018

Good morning! It’s a scoop-heavy digest this morning, so get ready to learn a few things. Here is your Daily News for Monday, March 5. 

1. AG, Commerce hammer out ethics/EcDev agreement

2. Carter bows out of Senate race

Miranda Carter, the Shelby County restauranteur and aide to State Senator Slade Blackwell, is no longer running for State Senate to replace her former boss.

Remember when Blackwell surprised everybody by throwing his name into the governor’s race, only to withdraw it 72 hours later? Carter was the one who qualified to run for his Senate District 5 seat.

Her exit from the race leaves Dan Roberts as the only qualified Republican running. Laura Casey is running for the seat as a Democrat.

In her withdrawal statement, Carter answered some questions about the bizarre turn of events with Blackwell but raised a few more:

  • “When Senator Blackwell decided not to run it was a spur of the moment decision, which left me only hours in which to decide. I decided to qualify so I could have the time to assess the opportunity and make a smart decision…
  • “I’ve had that time and with less than 100 days until election day, there is just no way for me to organize a campaign, raise money, raise name ID and compete with a well-funded, independently wealthy opponent.”
  • Read Carter’s complete statement in the full, exclusive story at 

3. This is why we can’t have nice things

Bush league

  • Everybody denies knowing anything about the website. Yet, some want to claim at least some credit in getting it taken down.
  • Everybody is distancing themselves from Will Parker. Yet, his ties to Claire Austin and the Martin campaign are apparent.
  • This is bush league hackery at its worst.
  • As one Montgomery politico told me, “this is why we can’t have nice things.”

More on the way?

  • I hesitated to report on this, not wanting to add to the problem. However, part of what convinced me to publish was hearing word that more of these attack sites and memes are on the way. 
  • I hope calling out this first bit of trashy, sleazy campaigning can deter more of the same and elevate the debate a little.

4. Alabama man shoots himself in front of the White House

Video of the day 

John Haygood made an awesome video celebrating the 5oth birthday of his friend and partner, Toby Roth. It’s well done and worth a watch, especially if you know the Roths.

Happy Birthday, Toby!


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