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Weekend Digest- November 11, 2018

Happy Veterans Day! To all who have served our country in uniform, thank you for your service and we’ll never forget.
Here’s the news you need to know for November 11.

1. Heads of state honor veterans in Paris

  • Veterans Day in the United States used to be known as Armistice Day – marking the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month when World War I ended.
  • Today marks 100 years of that armistice, and more than 60 heads of state and government are converging on France for the commemorations that will crescendo Sunday with ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Paris.
  • President Trump was criticized on Saturday for not making the scheduled to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial to pay homage to the fallen soldiers because of bad weather, but did make it this morning.
  • Trump also met privately with French President Emanuel Macron in U.S. embassy in Paris on Saturday. Observers reported the leaders’ body language was less warm than it has been in their previous meetings.
  • Then this morning, Macron gave a resounding speech that warned against the dangers of nationalism that twice led the European continent into total war.
“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism: Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.” Macron said. “In saying ‘our interests first, whatever happens to the others,’ you erase the most precious thing a nation can have, that which makes it lives, that which causes it to be great and that which is most important: Its moral values.”
  • There was an overwhelming sense of coming together for all the countries present and a reinforcement of peace, especially between Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel who’s two countries signed the armistice 100 years ago.
  • You can read more about the event HERE.

2. California fires kill 25

  • The two fires, one in Northern California and one in Southern California has now claimed 25 people and has burned over  83,000 acres.
  • The L.A. Times is reporting it to be the most destructive fire to property in the state’s history.
  • The fire, which is only 5% contained, has doubled in size since Friday afternoon.
  • More than 6,700 homes and commercial buildings were lost in the northern fire that destroyed the town of Paradise, in the Sierra Nevada foothills.
  • The wildfires in southern California took over parts of Malibu where many famous actors and celebrities have homes.
  • Many celebrities were posting on social media about whether or not their homes were destroyed and if they were safe, like Martin Sheen, Kim Kardashian West, Caitlyn Jenner, Alyssa Milano and Lady Gaga.
  • A film location landmark dating back to 1927 called “Western Town” that has been recently used to film things for “Westworld” was also destroyed.
  • Now many of the firefighters there are trying to find the over 100 people that are still missing and recovering bodies from the rubble.
  • More firefighters headed to the area Saturday, with wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour expected through Monday, raising the risk of conditions similar to those when the fire started Thursday.
  • Drought, warmer weather attributed to climate change and home construction deeper into forests have led to more destructive wildfire seasons that have been starting earlier and lasting longer.
  • President Trump took to Twitter to warn those still in the evacuation zones to seek shelter quickly but also said the forest management services are partly to blame for fires like these two for getting so out of hand.
  • He warned that federal money would stop being sent to them if they did not improve their methods in preventing worse fires from breaking out.
  • You can read more about the fires HERE.
A Message from
The Poarch Creek Indians

  • Being productive, staying connected and helping Alabama thrive are embodiments of the Poarch mission to create goodness out of what we have.
  • That’s the message of the Poarch Creek Indians’ new advertising campaign that continues this week.
  • Poarch’s 2018 campaign includes two much-anticipated commercials, “Land” and “Craft” — real stories about real people in the place they call home.
  • Iconic images send hopeful messages about traditions, which fuel life and help lay the groundwork for a better future.
  • Everyone that you meet on screen and in voiceover is Poarch Creek. All scenes and locations are authentic to the Tribe.
  • Click here to watch the second spot, “Craft.”

3. Alabama Democrats possibly withholding funds

  • Alabama Republicans picked up six total seats in the House and Senate, some that were previously Democratic strongholds. A disappointing night for Democrats has ,caused many to look into what is exactly going on with the Democratic party in Alabama.
  • Many Alabama Democrats were hoping to make gains after Sen. Doug Jones win in December, but that was not the reality on Tuesday.
  • The major loss has provoked anger, once again, towards the leadership choices made this August to reelect Party Chair Nancy Worley and Vice-Chairman Joe Reed.
  • During her concession speech, congressional candidate Mallory Hagan called for a change in leadership for the party and said that it was because of their lack of direction that she lost her race.
  • A report from The Montgomery Advertiser’s Melissa Brown and Brian Lyman shows the party had about $800,000 in federal and state accounts in mid-October and spent almost none of it on any races.
  • Worley is defending her choices on spending for the election, claiming that the party did have more money from qualifying fees this year, but had to hold money back for operating expenses, to pay debt and because of restrictions on how funds can be used.
  • Worley has had a general pessimistic outlook on the party’s ability to win in Alabama and said this past week, “Some of them [Democratic candidates] are probably running in districts that God couldn’t win.”
  • Reed said that some of the candidates run without the proper funds and there for don’t know what they are doing to sustain a proper campaign effort.
  • But cash-strapped campaigns criticized the party’s lack of effort and some of the funding requests from the Alabama Democratic Conference for GOTV efforts were too hefty for the campaigns struggling to raise money.
  • With 65 percent straight-ticket voting statewide, it’s doubtful more money would have made that much of a difference, particularly in statewide and congressional races.
  • However, a few local races that reported close margins show that more funds and better GOTV efforts could have helped the democrats.
  • You can read more about the situation HERE.

4. The Week in Good News

Crenshaw & Davidson patch it up
  • Remember that Saturday Night Live Weekend Update sketch that mocked congressional candidate and wounded veteran Dan Crenshaw for wearing an eye patch? It was the definition of poor taste, and comedian Pete Davidson was roundly criticized.
  • Crenshaw, though, took it with good humor and used the situation to remind people about the service and sacrifice of veterans.
  • Now Crenshaw is Congressman-elect, and he went on SNL last night to poke a little fund back and Davidson.
  • It’s worth a watch HERE.
Montgomery local headed to special olympics
  • Joseph Bradley is a senior at Jefferson Davis High school in Montgomery and will be competing on the U.S. equestrian team for the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi next year.
  • After facing horrible abuse from his father, Joseph became paralyzed on the right side of his body in 2002.
  • It’s incredible to hear all of what Joseph has had to face and to see where he has come despite what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles.
  • Now his mother is working to raise the funds to send him and two other family members to Abu Dhabi, as well as the proper dressage and equipment Joseph will need to compete.
  • You can read all about Joseph’s journey and how to donate to his family HERE.
Dogs now being trained to sniff out malaria
  • Dogs have such exquisitely sensitive noses that they can detect bombs, drugs, citrus and other contraband in luggage or pockets. But are they sensitive enough to detect malaria parasites?
  • Yes, they are. A small pilot study showed that dogs can accurately identify socks worn overnight by children infected with malaria — even when the children had cases so mild that they were not feverish.
  • Malaria-sniffing dogs could be very useful for sorting through crowds, as some countries and regions that have eliminated the disease share heavily trafficked borders with others that have not.
  • Read more about these amazing dogs HERE.

5. Headlines.

ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – N. California fire officials begin agonizing search for dead
ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Election reignites calls for change at Democratic Party
ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Lawsuit challenges Alabama’s method of electing judges
ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – In remembering WWI, world warned of resurging ‘old demons’
AL.COM – Florida sets Thursday deadline for recounts in US Senate, governor races.
AL.COM – Supreme Court judge helps christen Navy ship in Mobile.
AL.COM – Hurricane season isn’t over: There’s a new area to watch in the Atlantic.
AL.COM – Alabama’s ‘conservative government’ soon to collide with non-conservative issues.
AL.COM – Contributor John Robb: Thank God this election is over.
DECATUR DAILY – The Decatur Daily: Sessions fired for doing the right thing.
DECATUR DAILY – Erosion of coverage of pre-existing conditions worries area hospitals.
DECATUR DAILY – Election reignites calls for change at Democratic Party.
TUSCALOOSA NEWS – Inmate, others charged in prison fraud scheme in Alabama.
GADSDEN TIMES – Child abuse: Mandatory reporting and how it can help.
ANNISTON STAR – Downtown shuffle: Big changes are coming for the Noble Street corridor. But will they bring more business to Anniston’s downtown?
ANNISTON STAR – The Anniston Star: America and its mass shootings.
ANNISTON STAR – Contributor Carol Gundlach: A reality about life for some Alabama veterans.
ANNISTON STAR – The Anniston Star: Veterans’ importance in Alabama.
DOTHAN EAGLE – Vietnam veteran still coping with effects of war.
DOTHAN EAGLE – The Dothan Eagle: Party over people.
WASHINGTON POST – Midterm elections return Democrats to a debate over their 2020 presidential choice: Passion or pragmatism?
WASHINGTON POST – The day the guns fell silent.
WASHINGTON POST – Contributor Tim Weiner: Can Trump stop the FBI? Ask the 4 presidents who tried.
WASHINGTON POST – Columnist Max Boot: Trump shows his contempt for the men and women in uniform.
WASHINGTON POST – Columnist George Will: People have a remarkable ability to rehabilitate. Courts should recognize that.
WASHINGTON POST – The Washington Post: Veterans Day is a fitting reminder of the values we cherish and defend.
WASHINGTON POST – Liberals were concerned about Jeff Sessions’sSimpact on civil rights. He lived up to their fears.
WASHINGTON POST – Eviction isn’t just about poverty. It’s also about race — and Virginia proves it.
NEW YORK TIMES – Democrats Have Two Paths for 2020: Daring or Defensive. Can They Settle on Either?
NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Ross Douthat: A Defeat for White Identity
NEW YORK TIMES – Deployed Inside the United States: The Military Waits for the Migrant Caravan

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