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Op-Ed: Eagle Forum opposes vaccine passports

By Eagle Forum

On April 8th, the Senate passed SB267 by Sen. Orr. This bill banned “vaccine passports” (documentation of immunization status). The bill stated that state government may not mandate a vaccine, including the experimental shot currently being administered, and that the state or local government or any entity or individual doing business in the state may not refuse
to provide goods or services based on a person’s immunization status. Eagle Forum believed that this bill was necessary to preserve our liberties and we supported it.

Since then, however, lobbyists for Higher Education and the Medical Association for the State of Alabama (MASA) have added language (Sections c and e respectively) to exempt themselves from this law so they would be allowed to deny goods and services based on person’s immunization status. This is the exact opposite of a “vaccine passport ban” bill!

Dr. Calderwood and the Physicians For Alabama report that mandating a vaccination that is released under emergency use authorization, in other words is experimental, is completely unconscionable. No one should be required to take an experimental vaccine ever. This is especially true of these Covid experimental vaccines. In an FDA briefing regarding both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, they said that there is limited data to show that it reduces spread or mortality. The CDC Advisory Committee confirms the same thing regarding the vaccines: “At this time, we do not know if the Covid-19 vaccination will have any effect on preventing transmission.” (COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs for Healthcare Professionals. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. )

Also, studies are indicating that those who have had the natural infection and get the vaccine are at increased risk of adverse events.  – Forbidden Chronicles Section C and Section E of SB267 which allow this trampling of individual citizens rights must be removed from the bill immediately! This bill is ready for passage on the House floor as early as
Tuesday, April 27th. Speak up now! Don’t let powerful interest groups steal your liberty. Call you representative TODAY and ask him/her to bring up the Senate passed version of SB267 and pass it immediately.

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