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In the Weeds: How the gas tax passed, what’s next in the Legislature, and Congresswoman Terri Sewell

By TODD STACY, Alabama Daily News

On this episode of “In the Weeds” with Alabama Daily News, ADN’s Caroline Beck and I…

  • Unpack the swift and smooth passage of Gov. Kay Ivey’s gas tax and infrastructure legislation;
  • Explore the different factors that played a big role in the plan’s success, namely the Port of Mobile allocations going from a liability to an asset and unity among cities and counties for local allocations;
  • And discuss what’s next for the Alabama Legislature as the Regular Session resumes on March 19, including the budgets and a proposed state lottery.

Today’s episode features my interview with Congresswoman Terri Sewell of Alabama’s 7th District. We talked about her increased responsibilities in Congress with Democrats assuming the House majority, her new role as Chief Deputy Whip within the caucus, and her spot as Chair of the Select Committee on Intelligence’s Defense and Warfighter Support Subcommittee. She also shared with me some of what makes her tic as a leader, so to speak. So much news focuses on what drives the day, and this podcast allows us to dig into what drives the person.

I asked Rep. Sewell what was different about being in the majority now versus being in the minority all those years, particular when it comes to working with her Alabama Delegation colleagues.

“Yeah, it was kind of fun to have my former law school classmate as President and my ‘big sister’ as First Lady… but I think the bigger point is that the Alabama Delegation, when it comes to working on behalf of our whole state on that which we all agree – like economic development and job creation – we put party aside and do that. And I just wish we as a nation could do that more.”

A special thank you to Rep. Sewell and her staff for graciously offering me the time during a very busy day.

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