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Here are the maps lawmakers will debate as redistricting deadline looms

Today, the Alabama Legislature begins the first of a five-day special session to adopt a new congressional district map. The current map, approved by lawmakers in 2021, was ruled to be a likely violation of the Voting Rights Act by the Supreme Court.

The ruling comes from a lawsuit filed against the state by Evan Milligan that alleged the 2021 map to be discriminatory in effect, with just one out of the state’s seven congressional districts having a Black majority, despite about 27% of the state being Black, which would constitute two opportunity districts for Black voters.

While the aforementioned four maps have taken up the bulk of the debate so far, the committee tasked with recommending a map to the entire legislature received a number of additional proposals over the weekend.

View below to see the map proposals lawmakers are set to debate over the course of this week:

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