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Daily News Digest – March 18, 2019

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Good Morning!
Here’s your Daily News for March 18, 2019

1. What’s Next.

The Alabama Legislature gavels in tomorrow to re-start its 2019 Regular Session. Sure, it feels like we’re half way finished after the special, but Tuesday will only be day two of the 30-day session.
So what’s on tap?
  1. The budgets. The Education Trust Fund and the General Fund are expected to be released by the Governor’s office and introduced in the Legislature on Tuesday. Both budgets are enjoying healthy revenues in this time of economic growth and are likely to set records for state appropriations. The debate will be over individual pots of money and how much gets allocated to various agencies. Gov. Kay Ivey is pursuing a four percent teacher pay raise and a $25 million increase for the state’s top-ranked First Class Pre-K program, among other things. In the General Fund, most of the conversation will be about how much the state can afford to allocate toward prisons, the state’s Medicaid system, and other perpetually under-funded programs.
  2. A lottery plan. State Sen. Jim McClendon this week plans to drop his legislation to create a state lottery. It would include two bills: a constitutional amendment that would go to a vote of the people and authorizing legislation ironing out the details. McClendon says his lottery plan will split revenues 50-50 between the Education Trust Fund and the General Fund.
  3. Ethics & economic development. Last year, the Legislature passed a law to prevent a potential pitfall in the ethics code that state officials said could prevent Alabama from being considered for economic development projects. But that law was made to be temporary and expires on April 1. The Alabama Department of Commerce has been working to develop legislation that would make those changes permanent.
This will be a three-day week in the Legislature, meaning lawmakers will meet to consider and vote on bills Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

2. Medicaid expansion?

  • When the gas tax and infrastructure bill passed the House, many Democrats weren’t shy about saying part of their support hinged on getting a conversation started with Gov. Kay Ivey on expanding the state’s Medicaid program.
  • The questions became: how serious are those conversations and how likely are we to see Medicaid expansion on the horizon?
  • ADN’s Mary Sell dug into this for her big weekend story.
  • Short version: yes, the conversation is real – perhaps more than ever. But, until there is some kind of new revenue source, it doesn’t seem financially feasible.
  • Mary and Caroline Beck talked to lawmakers from both parties, various stakeholders, plus gleaned the latest information from congressional proposals.
  • Read the full story HERE.
Without the Economic Development Professional’s Safe Harbor Act , any site selector who wants to inquire about bringing a company they represent to Alabama – like Mercedes, Toyota, Airbus, and others – would have to register as a lobbyist and disclose who they are representing. Because of the confidential nature of their work with the corporations they represent, they won’t register – they will just strike Alabama from their list of communities they are considering.
Together, we can keep Alabama on the list and continue to create success stories in our area. Connect with EDAA to learn more.

3. Common ground on criminal justice & occupational licensing reform

  • Two issues on which the political right and left are finding common ground on are criminal justice reform and occupational licensing reform.
  • In Alabama, a confluence is developing on those issues that could make for a unique reform push this legislative session.
  • Many who leave prison either on parole or after finishing their sentences face a mountain of obstacles that inhibit their ability to re-join the workforce and truly weave themselves back into society. Some of those obstacles are restrictions on those with criminal histories being eligible for licenses to work in certain regulated fields.
  • Some restrictions are probably necessary penalties. If you’re convicted of bribery, you shouldn’t be able to lobby again. If you’re convicted of stealing at work, maybe not But others could be unnecessarily punitive and ultimately not helpful, argues Dr. Ronald Fraser of the DKT Liberty Project.
  • In an op-ed for The Montgomery Advertiser, Fraser writes:
“Each ex-offender has a personal responsibility to make the lifestyle changes needed to successfully re-enter society. But, doesn’t society also have a responsibility to give wrongdoers the opportunity to make these changes and to become productive, law-abiding citizens? 
“When state legislatures erect legal barriers that make life after prison difficult, if not impossible, they are setting people with a criminal record up for failure — and a trip back to prison.”
  • Read the full column HERE.
  • Sen. Cam Ward has been the Legislature’s biggest proponent of criminal justice reform in recent years, so look for more from him on this subject soon.


4. 1999 murder, rape cases solved.

  • Authorities say a DNA match found through a genealogy website has led to an arrest in decades-old slaying and rape case.
  • 45-year-old Coley McCraney, of Dothan, was arrested Saturday and charged with rape and capital murder in the 1999 deaths of 17-year-olds Tracie Hawlett and J.B. Beasley. Ozark police and Dale County Sheriff’s officials are scheduled to hold a press conference about the case today.
  • The girls left Dothan the night of July 3, 1999, to attend a party, but they never arrived. The pair was found the next day in the trunk of Beasley’s car alongside a road in Ozark, each with a gunshot wound to the head.
  • A different suspect was cleared after his DNA didn’t match that from semen found on Beasley.
  • This is a huge story in the Wiregrass. Read more from Lance Griffin in The Dothan Eagle and watch more from WTVY’s Devon Sellers and Ken Curtis.


5. Matthew Stokes: Gas tax not a ‘betrayal.’

Matthew Stokes
  • In his column this week, Matthew Stokes is looking back at passage of the gas tax and infrastructure proposal. Specifically, he’s unpacking some of the conservative criticisms of the process, the policy itself, & the worldview on taxes.
  • Here’s an excerpt:
“Coalitions united around an issue, or a set of issues, compile their resources and support like-minded candidates. Ideally, political parties serve this function, but when they don’t, coalitions of concerned parties – James Madison called them factions – inevitably appear. This is perfectly normal, provided there are other factions in place to check them. The fact that the Rebuild Alabama act went through so strongly – less than 20 percent of Republicans opposed the measure – suggests that these legislators realized the need for revenue was serious. It’s not that the “fix was in,” but instead that most legislators recognized that the need was real.”
  • Read Matthew’s full column HERE.
  • Providing the loyal counterpoint is former State Sen. Phil Williams, who is now Policy Director for the Alabama Policy Institute.
  • He dislikes several details of the policy itself and the process by which it passed, but like Stokes, appreciates the additional oversight of ALDOT funds.
  • Read his full guest column HERE.


Bonus: Big Dance Begins.

  • Get your brackets ready. It’s NCAA tournament time.
  • The state of Alabama will have one competitor this year: the red-hot Auburn Tigers.
  • Auburn is taking home its first Southeastern Conference Tournament championship since 1985, but the Tigers aren’t satisfied. Not with the NCAA Tournament up next.
  • Bryce Brown scored 19 points, and Auburn routed eighth-ranked Tennessee 84-64 on Sunday.
  • “We still have a lot more to prove, a lot more to accomplish as a team,” said Brown, a senior guard who took home SEC Tournament MVP honors.
  • The Tigers arrived back in Auburn to a hero’s welcome, as thousands of fans packed “Toomer’s Corner” to paper the famous “Auburn Oaks” that line the edge of campus.
  • Amid the celebration, Auburn learned it was given a tough NCAA tournament berth: a match-up with 30-win New Mexico State in a bracket that includes powerhouses Kansas and North Carolina.
  • Read more HERE.




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