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Daily News Digest – February 6, 2018

Good morning! Today is February 6, 2018 – 240 years to the day since France recognized the United States as an independent nation and became our first ally. Here is your Daily News. 

1. Don’t freak out

2. AG’s Data Breach bill coming

  • Attorney General Steve Marshall will soon propose new data breach notification legislation.
  • Alabama is one of only two states without a data breach notification law, and it looks like we could become the last hold out with South Dakota now moving a bill.
  • When companies like Equifax and Target experience a data breach, it helps if they notify customers right away so that we can take swift measures to protect our credit.
  • Prosecutors want laws in place to keep companies from dragging their feet in notifying consumers. Equifax did that, but Alabama couldn’t join the lawsuit to recover damages because we don’t have a law.
  • In the wake of the Target and Equifax data breach scandals, former Attorney General Luther Strange also proposed data breach notification legislation. Those bills ultimately died in the Legislature, the most recent of which curiously meeting its demise in the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee of all places.
  • In an op-ed to, Marshall says his Alabama Data Breach Notification Act of 2018 will “ensure that Alabama’s consumers aren’t late out of the gate when their sensitive personal information is obtained through a data security breach.”
  • Expect the bill to be filed this week.

3. Legislature returns

The Alabama Legislature reconvenes today for the 9th day of the 2018 Regular Session. Here is what to expect…


  • Rep. April Weaver’s palliative care bills are first up on the Special Order Calendar. This legislation would provide guidelines for end-of-life decisions for minors in school. You may remember the story of Alex Hoover, a North Alabama student with a rare heart condition whose parents wanted his school to agree to a do-not-resuscitate plan. Alabama law does not allow such arrangements for minors, and there could be serious liabilities for education employees. Rep. Weaver’s bills address this delicate situation.
  • Rep. Kyle South has a bill up to allow first-time home buyers to establish a tax-free savings account to help fund down payments and closing costs. That’s great and all, but helping prop up the savings account would be a state tax deduction of up to $12,000 for joint filers that would go into the account. As someone who would like become a first time homebuyer in the next year or two, that sounds awesome. The bill is a top agenda item for the Alabama Association of Realtors.
  • Rep. Danny Garrett’s Tax Exemption Reform Act is also up. This bill would simplify and streamline the way charities and non-profits obtain and renew exemption status through the Department of Revenue.
  • Read the rest of the proposed Special Order Calendar HERE.


  • Sen. Arthur Orr’s DUI bill is expected to be up today. This would require a court to consider a defendant’s misdemeanor DUI convictions from the past 10 years, not just the past five under current law.
  • Sen. Clyde Chambliss has a bill up allowing counties to increase fees they charge for reinstating a tag that was suspended because of a driver’s failure to have liability insurance under Alabama law.


4. DC update

Needs more Shutdown

Latest with Immigration 

  • Remember that the primary reason we are ONCE AGAIN talking about a shutdown is because Democrats are going to the proverbial WALL to get to a DACA deal, or legal status for illegal immigrants brought here as children.
  • Those talks once looked promising: President Trump and Republicans would get the wall, Democrats would get a path to citizenship. But things have fallen apart.
  • Also remember that, with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy set to expire in March, Democrats have every reason to delay progress on an agreement. The closer we get to a deadline where actual people might be deported, the more likely they are to get concessions from moderate Republicans.

5. Roby scores big fundraising haul

Photo credit: Hal Yeager
  • U.S. Representative Martha Roby capped an impressive fundraising year with a $236,000 haul in Q4, Federal Election Commission record show. Roby now enters the 2018 primary season with a healthy $568,000 on hand.
  • Those are impressive numbers by themselves, especially for some traditionally slow fundraising months. But they stand out more relative to Roby’s announced competition in the race for Alabama’s 2nd District.
  • State Rep. Barry Moore raised $4,396 in the 4th Quarter and enters the primary season with $25,370 cash on hand. The Enterprise native and Chairman of the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee also holds $35,000 in debt from a personal loan.
  • Army Reservist and Prattville accountant Tommy Amason raised $7,441 in 2017 (quarterly data was not available) and now has $3,859 cash on hand.
  • Former Roy Moore campaign manager Rich Hobson has not filed a financial report with the FEC. Because he entered the race in January, he won’t be required to file a financial disclosure until the end of the quarter.
  • The numbers are somewhat reminiscent of Roby’s last race, in which Wetumpka Tea Party leader Becky Gerritson and Montgomery electrician Bob Rogers found campaign resources difficult to come by. Roby won that race by 66 percent to 28 percent to 10 percent, respectively.


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