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Daily New Digest – November 22, 2018

PRESENTED BY the Stop The HIT Coalition

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are able to spend this special day with the folks you love. As we count our many blessings, here’s some Daily News for Thursday, November 22.

1. Trump, Roberts spar over judiciary independence.

  • That was awkward.
  • President Donald Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts clashed Wednesday in an extraordinary public dispute over the independence of America’s judiciary.
  • Roberts bluntly rebuked the president for denouncing a judge who rejected his migrant asylum policy as an “Obama judge.”
  • There’s no such thing, Roberts declared in a rare statement contradicting Trump and defending judicial independence.
  • Never silent for long, Trump defended his own comment, tweeting defiantly, “Sorry Justice Roberts.”
  • The Thanksgiving dustup was the first time that Roberts, the Republican-appointed leader of the federal judiciary, has offered even a hint of criticism of Trump, who has several times blasted federal judges who have ruled against him.
  • Trump has continued his argument into today via Twitter.
  • Full story HERE.

2. 50 killed, 83 wounded in Afghan suicide attack.

  • A suicide bomber targeted a gathering of hundreds of Islamic scholars in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, killing at least 50 people and wounding another 83.
  • The suicide bomber was able to sneak into a wedding hall in Kabul where hundreds of Muslim religious scholars and clerics had gathered.
  • No one immediately claimed the attack, but both the Taliban and a local Islamic State affiliate have targeted religious scholars aligned with the government in the past.
  • Both militant groups want to overthrow the U.S.-backed government and impose a harsh form of Islamic rule. However, they are bitterly divided over leadership and ideology, and have clashed on a number of occasions.
  • But the Taliban and ISIS seem to agree on one thing: targeting peaceful Muslims for mass murder.
  • Read more HERE.

A Message from the Stop The HIT Coalition

  • Sen. Doug Jones: Don’t let Alabama small businesses and middle-class families get sacked by the 2020 Health Insurance Tax.
  • Absent immediate action, the 2020 Health Insurance Tax will begin penalizing hardworking Alabamians on January 1, 2020 by driving up their cost of care as much as $450.
  • Sen. Jones can help score lower premiums for Alabama’s 765,000 small business employees by supporting bipartisan legislation (S. 3063) to block the HIT in 2020.
  • Ask Sen. Jones to help take S. 3063 to the end zone and support legislation to stop the 2020 Health Insurance Tax.



3. Skip Tucker: The Days of Our Lives, er, As the World Turns.

  • This Thanksgiving, Skip Tucker is grateful for those who came before us in the “Greatest Generation.”
  • They won a world war and came home to build our state and country into a land of prosperity.
  • And, given their scrappy upbringing, they were “built for it,” he writes.
  • Here’s an excerpt:
“Those doughty pioneers had no measure for a man except as how he handled an ax. For so well as he handled an ax, so he could handle a plow. And his fists; and how such hands would fit to a gun, long or short.
“Those settling northwest Alabama ultimately turned to the soil, became coal miners, loggers and farmers, taking sustenance from black earth. Hardy as hell, they were a generation made for war and it’s a damn good thing, because war sure as hell came to them.
“So, some 70 years ago, they and those like them went overseas in their millions, died in their tens of thousands, and of those who returned, of those who carried weapons onto a battlefield, none returned the same as he or she left.”
  • Read Skip’s full column HERE.

4. Food for thought.

There were a few pieces I read this week that made me smarter, so I thought I’d share them with you.
It’s not you, Facebook, it’s us
  • Columnist Brett Stephens consistently puts out work that challenges conventional wisdom and makes people think. His latest column on the Facebook debacle is no exception. (If you haven’t read the NYT expose on Facebook from last week, do that first)
  • Facebook’s folly should be familiar to most of us because they gave in to a temptation that kind of defines our modern society: taking shortcuts.
  • Here’s an excerpt:
  • “Tweeting and trolling are easy. Mastering the arts of conversation and measured debate is hard. Texting is easy. Writing a proper letter is hard. Looking stuff up on Google is easy. Knowing what to search for in the first place is hard. Having a thousand friends on Facebook is easy. Maintaining six or seven close adult friendships over the space of many years is hard. Swiping right on Tinder is easy. Finding love — and staying in it — is hard.”
  • Read the full piece HERE.
Why so serious?
  • Apropos for Thanksgiving, British author and Member of Parliament Matt Ridley has a really thoughtful piece in the Wall Street Journal exploring why society tends to focus on the negative instead of the positive.
  • We all do it, to some degree. We naturally notice and care about bad news more than we do good news.
  • Ridley thinks it’s a habit we can break, though.
  • Here’s an excerpt:
  • “There are certainly many causes for concern in the world today, from terrorism to obesity to environmental problems, but the persistence of pessimism about the planet requires some explanation beyond the facts themselves. Herewith a few suggestions: Bad news is more sudden than good news, which is usually gradual. Therefore bad news is more newsworthy. Battles, bombings, accidents, murders, storms, floods, scandals and disasters of all kinds tend to dominate the news. “If it bleeds, it leads,” as they used to say in the newspaper business. By contrast, the gradual reduction in poverty in the world rarely makes a sudden splash. As Rosling put it, “In the media the ‘newsworthy’ events exaggerate the unusual and put the focus on swift changes.”
  • Read his full piece HERE.


5. News Briefs.

Keeping the F-35
  • Landing the F-35 for the 187th Fighter Wing at Dannelly Field was a major win for the state.
  • Having this next-generation fighter means jobs and growth for Montgomery, not to mention the survival of the historic 187th.
  • Like many community leaders, Perry Hooper, Jr. was involved in that effort, and now he’s concerned about “bureaucrats in the Pentagon” who might want to scrap the new fighter in favor of older, cheaper jets.
  • Read his full column on the subject HERE.
Bones found in Scottsboro
  • A homicide investigation is underway in Jackson County, Alabama, where skeletal remains were found in a wooded area.
  • Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen says cadaver dogs Wednesday searched the scene discovered after people walking in the area Tuesday saw a skull.
  • Sheriff Chuck Phillips said the bones appear to have been in the woods for years.
  • Read more HERE.
Mattis clarifies border authority
  • Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Wednesday the White House has given him explicit authority to use military troops to protect Customs and Border Protection personnel, with lethal force if necessary, at the southwest border.
  • This could, under certain circumstances, mean directing troops to temporarily detain migrants in the event of disorder or violence against border patrol agents. “This is minutes — not even hours” of potential detention, Mattis said, suggesting that he was not planning to use the military to operate migrant detention camps.
  • The mission thus far for the approximately 5,800 active-duty troops in the border area has been mainly to lay barbed wire and other barriers along the border and to transport border patrol personnel. Mattis has stressed the need to keep the military away from civilian law enforcement roles such as arrests, which are forbidden under the Posse Comitatus Act. The law prohibits the federal government from using the armed forces in a domestic police role, except in cases and under circumstances specifically authorized by the Constitution or Congress.
  • Read more HERE.


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