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Dozens of legislative seats on the ballot Tuesday

By MARY SELL, Alabama Daily News

Across the state, there are 16 contests for Alabama Senate and 46 for Alabama House on today’s ballot with a mix of races between Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians, including some three-person contests.

Many of the races include incumbents, but after a slew of legislative retirements, bids for higher office and a few deaths, 22 of the 105 House seats are open this election cycle. In the 35-seat Senate, five are open. 

Meanwhile, eight House incumbents lost to primary challengers earlier this year. One Senator did as well. That means even if all incumbents win today, 25% of the Legislature next year will be freshman lawmakers.

Republicans will maintain significant majorities in both chambers, but there are a few seats that could flip from red to blue. That includes the recently redrawn House District 74, where incumbent Rep. Charlotte Meadows, R-Montgomery, is challenged by Democrat Phillip Ensler. The district is now considered to be more Democrat friendly.

In Madison County’s open House District 10, Republican David Cole and Democrat Marilyn Lands have each spent more than $180,000 on the race, according to their latest campaign finance reports. 

In Senate District 2, also in Madison County, incumbent Sen. Tom Butler, R-Madison, has spent more than $800,000 this cycle defending his seat, first from a GOP primary challenger and now from Democrat Kimberly Lewis.

At the top of today’s ticket are selections for governor — Republican Gov. Kay Ivey faces Democrat Yolanda Flowers and Libertarian James Blake — and U.S. Senate — Republican Katie Britt, Democrat Will Boyd and Libertarian John Sophocleus. 

Sample ballots can be found here.

Secretary of State John Merrill has said he expects turnout today to be about 45% to 50% of registered voters.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Competitive races for the Alabama Legislature: 


Senate District 2
(i) Tom Butler (R)
Kim Lewis (D)
Senate District 3
(i) Arthur Orr (R)
Rick Chandler (L)
Senate District 6
(i) Larry Stutts (R)
Kyle Richard-Garrison (L)
Senate District 7
(i) Sam Givhan (R)
Korey Wilson (D)
Senate District 12
Keith Kelley (R)
Danny McCullers (D)
Senate District 15
(i) Dan Roberts (R)
Michael Crump (L)
Senate District 17
(i) Shay Shelnutt (R)
John Fortenberry (L)
Senate District 21
(i) Gerald Allen (R)
Lisa Ward (D):
Senate District 23
Michael Nimmer (R)
Robert Steward (D)
Portia Shepherd: (L)
Senate District 24
(i) Bobby Singleton (D)
Richard Benderson (L)
Senate District 25
(i) Will Barfoot (R)
Louie Albert Woolbright (L)
Senate District 27
Jay Hovey (R)
Sherri Reese (D)
Senate District 28
(i) Billy Beasley (D)
David Boatwright (L)
Senate District 29
(i) Donnie Chesteen (R)
Nathan Mathis (D)
Floyd “Pete” McBroom (L)
Senate District 33
Peter Riehm (R)
(i) Vivian Figures (D)
Senate District 35
(i) David Sessions (R)
Clifton Hudson (L)
House Races
House District 3
Kerry Underwood (R)
Wesley Thompson (D)
House District 6
(i) Andy Whitt (R)
Greg Turner (L)
House District 7
Ernie Yarbrough (R)
Mose Jones Jr. (D)
Marc Durocher (L)
House District 8
(i) Terri Collins (R)
Angela Walser (L)
House District 9
(i) Scott Stadthagen (R)
Gregory Bodine (L)
House District 10
David Cole (R)
Marilyn Lands (D)
Elijah Boyd (L)
House District 12
(i) Corey Harbison (R)
James Fields (D)
House District 13
Matt Woods (R)
Mark Davenport (L)
House District 15
Leigh Hulsey (R)
Richard Rouco (D)
House District 18
(i) Jamie Kiel (R)
Talia Shimp (L)
House District 25
Phillip Rigsby (R)
Mallory Hagan (D)
House District 26
Brock Colvin (R)
Ben Alford (L)
House District 27
(i) Wes Kitchens (R)
Herb Neu (D)
House District 29
Mark Gidley (R)
Clifford Foy Valentin (L)
House District 32
Evan Jackson (R)
(i) Barbara Boyd (D)
House District 33
(i) Ben Robbins (R)
Fred Crum (D)
House District 38
(i) Debbie Wood (R)
Charles Team Jr. (L)
House District 40
Chad Robertson (R)
Pam Howard (D)
House District 41
(i) Corley Ellis (R)
Chris Nelson (D)
Matthew Gregory Morris Jr. (L)
House District 42
(i) Van Smith (R)
Doug Ward (L)
House District 43
(i) Arnold Mooney (R)
Prince Cleveland (D)
Jason Newell Davis Burr (L)
House District 44
(i) Danny Garrett (R)
John Wiley Boone (L)
House District 45
Susan DeBose (R)
Kari Mitchell Whitaker (L)
House District 47
Mike Shaw (R)
Christian Coleman (D)
House District 48
Jim Carnes (R)
Bruce Stutts (L)
House District 56
Ontario Tillman (D)
Carson Lester (L)
House District 57
Delor Baumann (R)
Patrick Sellers (D)
Manijeh Nancy Jones (L)
House District 60
(i) Juandalynn Givan (D)
P.J. French (L)
House District 61
Ron Bolton (R)
Damon Pruet (L)
House District 62
Bill Lamb (R)
Brenda Cephus (L)
House District 63
(i) Cynthia Almond (R)
Samuel Adams (D)
House District 64
Donna Givens (R)
Jeff May (L)
House District 65
(i) Brett Easterbrook (R)
Marcus Caster (D)
House District 68
Fred Kelley (R)
(i) Thomas Jackson (D)
House District 69
Karla Knight Maddox (R)
(i) Kelvin Lawrence (D)
House District 74
(i) Charlotte Meadows (R)
Phillip Ensler (D)
House District 76
(i) Penni McClammy (D)
Scott Manges (L)
House District 79
(i) Joe Lovvorn (R)
Amanda Frison (L)
House District 82
Lennora “Tia” Pierrot (R)
(i) Pebblin Warren (D)
House District 85
Payne Henderson (R)
Dexter Grimsley (D)
House District 88
Jerry Starnes (R)
Justin “Tyler” May (L)
House District 92
Matthew Hammett (R)
Steve Hubbard (L)
House District 94
Jennifer Fidler (R)
Margaret “Maggie” Helveston (L)
House District 95
Frances Holk-Jones (R)
Richard Brackner (D)
House District 100
Mark Shirey (R)
Peyton Warren (L)
House District 104
(i) Margie Wilcox (R)
Jon Dearman (L)
House District 105
(i) Chip Brown (R)
Mark Lewis (L)


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