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Democratic Party drops Montgomery County Circuit Judge nominee

By MOLLEE BRELAND, Alabama Daily News

Montgomery, Ala. – The Alabama Democratic Party has revoked its nomination of Sebrina Martin for Montgomery County Circuit Judge. 

Martin won the May 24 primary election with 62.47% of the vote defeating Fernando Morgan. 

The party made the decision after allegations surfaced of Martin submitting misleading information through her statement of economic interests. Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Rep. Chris England said he asked Martin to show cause for her justification for staying on the ballot.

“Every candidate that seeks ballot access through the Alabama Democratic Party must comply with all mandatory disclosure requirements, including completing their Statement of Economic Interests. This requirement is especially important for judges and candidates for judicial offices because they are held to a higher ethical standard. Full and accurate disclosures ensure voters can confidently cast their ballot,” England said. 

Among the complaints against Martin was that her statement of economic interest form stated that she had no adult children. Martin lost custody of her six children in 2013 to her ex-husband when claims of child abuse were involved. 

Two days after the statement she shared a Facebook video explaining the situation and divorce case. 

“My ex-husband told me that when I divorced him that he would do everything he could to destroy me, and he nearly did when he manipulated my kids to turn against me.”

Martin says that her ex-husband is responsible for the claims. 

“When we went to court no one cared about the police reports or the DHR investigation that said there was no abuse or neglect. No one cared what my witnesses had to say. Once the kids said what they conspired to say it was over. The Indiana trial judge believed the kids instantly just like many of you believe their statements instantly.” 

The former candidate gave a statement on the decision to pull her from the race. 

“No matter what the outcome, I will keep working every day to make our community better for our children and families. That’s what I ran on, that’s why I won, that’s what I live and will continue living.” 

The Democratic Party expressed that the evidence showcased at the hearing proved Martin to be guilty and on Monday they made the final decision to withdraw her from the election completely. 

The party will select a new nominee at its next meeting in Birmingham on August 13. 

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