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Daily News Digest – August 2, 2018

Good morning! Lots of stories today so pour some coffee and buckle in. Here’s your Daily News for August 2, 2018.

1. Ivey releases first general election ad.

  • Gov. Kay Ivey’s campaign is releasing its first TV ad of the general election today.
  • That’s right. The ads have started back.
  • But, don’t worry! This is a nice one.
  • The ad shows Ivey in a classroom discussing how her experience as a former teacher helps her understand the challenges facing education.
  • It also cleverly ties in an economic message. We are focused on workforce preparedness because “we are creating record jobs.”
  • CAROLINE BECK had a sneak peek. You can read her story and watch the ad for yourself HERE.
  • Don’t miss the exchange at the end between the Gov and a little girl that is just adorbs.

2. Shelby has a day. 

  • Alabama’s senior senator celebrated his 10,000th vote Wednesday.
  • That’s a significant milestone, no doubt. But it came amid some really meaningful, substantial accomplishments.
  • Shelby and his colleagues moved to pass a four-bill minibus appropriations package funding Interior, Treasury, Agriculture, Transportation, EPA & HUD. That means the Senate has now cleared seven of the 12 appropriations titles before August, something that hasn’t happened in almost 20 years.
  • I know I keep harping on this Senate appropriations progress under Shelby’s chairmanship, but it really is a big deal.
  • In a rare Senate moment, Shelby’s colleagues came to the floor to recognize him. The whole thing, including remarks from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Appropriations Ranking Member Pat Leahy really is worth a watch HERE.
  • Shelby also noted the confirmation of two federal district judges for Alabama: Emily Marks for the Middle District and Jeffrey Beaverstock for the Southern District.
  • Senators play a key role in the nominations and confirmations of federal judges in their states.

A message from The Prosper Group

Bonus: Matthew Stokes

    • I love having Matthew Stokes as a contributing writer at Alabama Daily News because his columns make me think.
    • Matthew is a conservative committed not just to winning, but winning the right way.
    • In this week’s piece, he explores the nature of conservatism in an environment where populism usually wins the day.
    • Here’s an excerpt:

    I do worry at times about Republicans who too easily invoke Reagan’s memory without a full picture of the Gipper’s best qualities. Nostalgia is a cruel mistress and the outlook of conservatism and, by extension, the Republican Party, risks being stunted.

    The thing that is most often missing in modern attempts to emulate Reagan is that he was very well-versed in conservative ideas. During all of those years of traveling around as a spokesman for General Electric, he wasn’t snoozing on the train or plane.  He was devouring books and magazines dedicated to conservative ideas and legislation.

    Current leaders in the GOP should do the same…

    • Read the whole thing HERE.
  • Wait, one more thing…

    • Tired of talking about politics?
    • Tired of hearing about politics?
    • Tired of reading about politics?
    • Well, I kind of hope not because that’s what I do. But, everyone needs a break sometimes.
    • Maybe August is a good time for a politics “cleanse”, writes former American Enterprise Institute Arthur Brooks.

    If you stop talking about politics for a couple of weeks, nothing will change, except you might get invited again to parties. You have nothing to lose but your loneliness. And besides, whether you know it or not, you probably need a break.

  • Headlines.

  • ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – New Kay Ivey ad highlights education.

    ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Ethics Commission clears Tuggle as Speaker’s Office Chief.

    ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Shelby honored for Senate tenure, appropriations accomplishments.

    ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Matthew Stokes: What is Conservatism?

    ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – China appeals for US calm after new tariff threat.

    ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Is Trump onto something with China tariffs? 

    ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Judge Blocks Release of Blueprints for 3D-Printed Guns.

    ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – White House: Trump’s Tweet About Russia Probe Was an Opinion.

    ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Witnesses: Manafort Himself Directed Millions of Dollars.

    ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Judge Refuses to Move Officer’s Murder Trial.

    ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Birmingham Student Chosen as National Student Poet.

    ALABAMA DAILY NEWS – Alabama Chase Ends With Suspect Jumping Off Bridge.

    MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – Graetzes buy Rosa Parks letter, donate to ASU.

    MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – ‘We’re speaking out on a nation’s epidemic’: Parkland shooting survivors protest in Montgomery.

    OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS – Ethics Commission says legislator can work for House Speaker.

    DOTHAN EAGLE – Dothan location of Rural King set for Aug. 18 opening

    YELLOWHAMMER NEWS – WATCH: Anti-gun protesters gather at Alabama State House. 

    YELLOWHAMMER NEWS – Approval for Attorney General Sessions has tanked amid Trump’s attacks, poll suggests

    DECATUR DAILY – Decatur schools to focus on absenteeism, attitude.

    DECATUR DAILY – 3D guns are no cause for panic.

    TUSCALOOSA NEWS – Tuscaloosa County’s new emergency operations center opens.

    TUSCALOOSA NEWS – With voter turnout low, who needs suppression?

    ANNISTON STAR – Jacksonville Federal-Mogul announces another round of layoffs, will remain open.

    AL.COM – How prosecutors say diabetes clinic scandal unfolded in Alabama State House.

    AL.COM – Stoneman Douglas students take gun safety message to Alabama State House.

    AL.COM – Former Birmingham Mayor Bell violated minor ethics law, commission says.

    AL.COM – Milton McGregor’s family wants to continue operating greyhound tracks.

    AL.COM – Trump calls on Sessions to end Mueller’s Russia probe.

    AL.COM – Activists call for Birmingham NAACP president’s resignation after federal bribery trial.

    AL.COM – Why Alabama is far behind Mississippi on sports gambling.

    AL.COM – Who are Alabama’s oldest and longest-serving prisoners?

    AL.COM – Truth and healing: Shemekia Copeland, Alabama producer deliver ‘America’s Child’

    AL.COM – Contributor Quin Hillyer:  Why Doug Jones should support Kavanaugh.

    AL.COM – Columnist Kyle Whitmire:  Kay Ivey is in the can.

    AL.COM – An Anniston firm is preparing people, companies for mass shootings.

    WASHINGTON POST – Trump calls Manafort prosecution ‘a hoax,’ says Sessions should stop Mueller investigation ‘right now’.

    WASHINGTON POST – As midterm elections approach, a growing concern that the nation is not protected from Russian interference.

    WASHINGTON POST – TSA mulls a plan to eliminate security checkpoints at 150 smaller airports.

    WASHINGTON POST – Columnist Margaret Sullivan:  As the bizarre QAnon group emerges, Trump rallies go from nasty to dangerous.

    WASHINGTON POST – Immigration crackdown: U.S. soldier honored for service could be heading for ICE custody.

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