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‘Bama in a Box’ brings Alabama-made products to your door

By WILL WHATLEY, Alabama Daily News

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – In Alabama political circles, Angi Horn Stalnaker is well known as a campaign operative with shrewd instincts and sharp elbows. But in the era of COVID-19, she’s becoming known for another business venture outside the realm of politics.

The new company, “Bama in a Box,” allows consumers to sample a wide variety of Alabama-made products from their home. Subscribers receive five to seven specially-packaged items each month, with no item repeated, along with information where those items can be bought directly from the companies themselves.

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Stalnaker says is the idea is to provide convenience for consumers and support for the product manufacturers, all at a time when some don’t want to do a lot of shopping in person.

“As I have traveled the state working with politicians, I have seen the economic impact and the cultural value that our small businesses add to our communities,” she said. “Small business owners drive our economy. They sponsor our little league teams and charity events. They are our friends and neighbors. Now is the time that small businesses are hurting more than they have in modern history and I want to be a small part of helping that recovery and helping consumers think about choosing Alabama products as opposed to their foreign made counterparts.”

According to the “Bama in a Box” website, there are more than 500 available Alabama-made products. Familiar brands like Dale’s Seasoning, Golden Flake potato chips and Wickles Pickles are featured alongside lesser known items such as toothpastes, soaps, household goods and even dog food made in the state that might benefit from more exposure.

The service is becoming popular in Alabama, but Stalnaker said they’re receiving requests from well outside the state.

“We have subscribers from not only all over the state but in various parts of the country too,” she said. “Folks either moved away or came down to school here before moving back to where they came from, and they want to reconnect. Some other subscribers were stationed in the military here and miss the culture so we’re giving them access to the companies that make our state special.”

Bama in a Box can be found online at or on Facebook at


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